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How To Buy a Battery 3G

Published at 02/22/2012 23:22:52


For any cell phone other than its network quality, the most important thing is its battery life. On 3G cell phone, there are many features which require high usage of battery such as mobile internet, video calling, live streaming of videos, online games and playing songs and videos. When we use so many features on a cell phone the battery drains its charge very fast and the phone switches off. In order to start using the phone again one should charge the battery. But when we are traveling or when there is no electricity available we cannot charge the battery. So in order to cope with such condition we should have a spare battery 3G for our cell phone.

Step 1

The spare battery 3G can be very helpful when our mobile battery is out of charge. The spare batteries are available at any nearby local mobile store or authorized mobile shop. When purchasing a battery one should purchase a genuine product. The battery should be of the same type which is supported by the cell phone.

Step 2

If we buy a battery which is not approved by the cell phone manufacturer, it may affect our cell phone usage or damage the phone. The battery 3G can be easily changed by removing the back panel of the phone and replacing the old battery with a new one.

Step 3

Most of the 3G mobile phones now-a-days have touch screen display which consumes lot of battery charge while using the phone and its 3G services. So many of the mobile phone manufacturers have started offering an additional battery 3G free of charge while buying a new phone. Motorola mobile company has recently started selling an additional battery for their Motorola Charm mobile handset in the American market.

Step 4

Some of the mobile companies also offer battery 3G at discount rate when we buy a new 3G mobile phone. The battery 3G also begins to lose charge faster when the battery becomes old and it has to be replaced with a new one. Some of the battery manufacturing companies also make external battery for 3G cell phones. This battery can be connected to the phone by using a connecter.

Step 5

When you are purchasing a new battery 3G, you should also check whether the battery comes with warranty or not. Some of the 3G mobile phone like iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S, Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia N9 now-a-days come with fixed battery which can be only replaced by the mobile manufacturer.


Many mobile manufacturers also provide an additional upgraded battery for 3G cell phones. The upgraded battery available for purchase has longer life than the older battery. There are also many online mobile accessories stores where you can purchase an original battery. When purchasing a battery you must also ask for discount. You must also use original charger for charging the battery. The new battery should be charged for at least 8 hours for the first time because it increases the life span of the battery. After purchasing a new battery one should try to recycle the older battery at any nearby mobile recycle center.