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the Best 3G Cell Phone Service Providers

Published at 02/13/2012 17:13:48


Currently, 3G cell phones are dominating the market and are quickly becoming the main choice of subscribers all over the world. There are a number of names that stand out from the list. Some of these have been well-known in the 3G cell industry for years and are constantly innovating to maintain their position. People who are looking for the ideal service providers when it comes to cell phones, androids and tablets should check these.

Top 3

About AT&T

AT&T has established itself in the market through the years and is still one of the leading 3G cell service providers in the United States and the world. There are plans offered in pre-paid and post-paid forms, depending on the location and preferences of the subscriber. AT&T has thousands of Wi-Fi capable areas throughout the United States and is known for having a very reliable and effective service center in many locations throughout the globe. The company is still a name to watch out for when it comes to 3G internet capabilities.

About Vodafone

Vodafone is another well-rooted company that offers reliable 3G services to hundreds of thousand subscribers all over the globe. It is one of the most sought after in Europe where people can get pre-paid and post-paid plans. The needs and particular requests of customers are handled accordingly with certain customizations depending on the available options. People should try visiting the official website of Vodafone to know more about the offers and capabilities of their 3G cell service.

About Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless has created itself as a very useful 3G cell service provider that allows individuals of any age to enjoy different functions and activities on the internet. People can share their experiences and information using fast and reliable services. They can upload photos and videos, communicate with others at the other side of the world or surf the web any time. Verizon Wireless also has a very efficient customer support group that can solve different types of online cases and problems big and small.


Other Great Providers

About Sprint

Sprint is one of the top three leading 3G cell service providers in the United States. It is ideal for personal or business purposes and provides a variety of options for people to get connected to the web very quickly as well as acquire and save information that will boost their business and help other types of activities. There are so many customizable options and extra offered by the company as well. Sprint also boasts of having a very interactive and informative website where people can read blogs and articles as well as stay in touch with other subscribers in a managed community.

About Orange

Orange is a France-based telecommunications group that offers very fast and reliable 3G cell services. People can access the internet using their cellular phones, tablets and androids to transfer data, download materials and pass on information. There are different types of subscriptions available as well. Orange is becoming popular in many parts of Europe, particularly France and Spain.

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