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the Best 3G Accessories For Sprint Phones


There is tough competition among the Mobile service providers in USA, so much so that it has all come down to the quality and the value for price of the accessory items they offer. And as all competitions result in better products, so does this race to capture the sidetrack of communication networks. The expectations of the users have been on a continuous rise, ever since the advent of much hyped colourful casings offered by Nokia before the turn of the century. Nowadays, Sprint Phones are backed up by the best 3G accessories available on their online store. All these accessories are categorized according to the phone models, and are catalogued online for everyone to see. The 3G accessories range from simple replacement chargers to fast chargers, car docking stations, casings, protectors (screen and back), pouches, and what not.


For most Blackberry phones the average price for screen protectors fluctuates between $6.99 and $9.99. The simple pouches without any designer nuances cost around $12.99 and $16.99. The original micro-usb charger that is sold for $19.99 on regular stores is priced at $9.99 on the Sprint store. Other 3G accessories include Hard Case at $24.99. There are many bundle offers on the shelf as well. It means that for a particular price one gets 5 or 6 items which if bought otherwise would cost more than the offered price.


One of the most popular handsets available by Sprint is Motorola Admiral. The 3G accessories that are up for grabs include batteries, chargers, plastic cases, screen and back protectors, memory cards, memory card adapters, holders & car mounts, Blue-tooth headsets, data cables, and stylus. All these and many more are available for lesser price than on any other retailer. Similarly, for Samsung phones which are larger than conventional touchscreen phones, Sprint offers Wallet Case Pouches starting at $24.99. There are other 5 item or 6 item bundle deals on the table as well, including travel charger, screen protector, bumper case, stylus pen, and leather pouch for $24.99 which is quite less than the regular price of $47.99 on other stores.

Tips and comments

The best selling 3G accessories are for iPhones. Casings, screen protectors, and the stylus pen are among the best items available. Prices vary according to the phone models. The accessories are shipped free of cost in US and Canada, and are built keeping into consideration the features and specifications of each model. For Google phones the bundle deals are available, which include 5 or 6 items similar to that of Samsung, and are priced at around $29.99. There are many other designer skins available for Google phones, and are sold for $14.99. For LG phones the most popular deal is 5 item bundle which includes, rubberized hard case, screen protector, leather pouch, car and travel charger, all this for $19.99. HTC models are also popular among Sprint users, and have similar accessories that are priced same as Samsung accessories. Sprint accessories stand out among the whole crowd of accessories available everywhere because of their excellent quality and value for money.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/13/2012
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the Best 3G Accessories For Sprint Phones. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.