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If you are a tech savvy person, then chances are that you have heard or used a 3G network. For those of you who do not know what network 3g is, it is a successor to GSM networks. It provides faster and better network connectivity plus a whole range of new services like video conferencing and Internet TV on your handset. It was originally rolled out in 2004 by Japanese service providers NTT Docomo and has since then been implemented in countries around the world.

3G provides faster Internet access to users and has been seen as a solution to providing broadband access to countries like India where broadband Internet has still not penetrated. Internet speed ranges from 256 Kbps to a few Mbps which makes it ideal for a whole range of Internet activities like gaming and VOIP. Recently, a lot of games on phones have made use of the high speed Internet access that network 3g offers to allow online gaming services to users. Some of the most popular devices such as PS Vita, Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad all come with network 3G versions which shows the growing popularity of 3G devices globally. It has already gained mass acceptance in countries like Taiwan, South Korea and Japan due to the tech savvy nature of people in these countries

Faster Speeds and Video Chats

Most handsets nowadays are 3G enabled and can be used to access the Internet using the 3G feature. These devices can also be used as modems for laptops and tablets since they provide good connection speeds. The speed of the connection depends on the services provider and the location of the user, you can expect anything between 256 Kbps and 20Mbps.

Video conferencing is another feature that has been one of the main features that 3G operators have been constantly advertising. 3G phones usually come with a camera on the front, on top of the screen to allow users to make video phone calls to other users, the cameras can sometimes also be used as a web cam for certain applications like Skype.

Internet TV Anywhere You Go

Internet TV initially caused a lot of excitement but it has still not gained much acceptance due to the popularity of Youtube and other similar services. It is still a great feature to have for people who don't want to miss their TV shows and news wherever they go. A lot of service operators have been offering free access to such content over the past many months to increase their popularity.

Internet TV services are bound to increase in the next few years because HD content are being offered on 3G devices. Sites like Hulu and Netflix have also started offering their movies for phones recently and downloading or watching content through these services require a good Internet speed, this makes a network 3g phone a good buy for movie lovers.

3G Doesn't Come Cheap

Though 3G services are very attractive, the cost of these services makes many people shy away from them. The data usage charge that many carriers charge their customers are very high, the rental plans allow only a few Gigabytes of usage after which users are charged per MB of data they access.

If you are planning to go for a 3G service, make sure that you read the fine prints before making a purchase.

By Hannah Aliposa, published at 02/12/2012
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