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How To Find the Best Phone 3G

Published at 02/08/2012 05:25:32

How To Find A Great 3G Phone

3G means third generation technology. A phone with 3G technology has many advantages that make a phone very user friendly. Most phone 3G are smartphones with faster transfer rates. The phones are full multimedia devices. Consumers using these type of phones are able to surf the web, play games, download and play music. New devices are released very fast and with so many styles to choose from the decision may not be easy. There are many phone 3Gs with most mobile phone carriers.

Step 1

Think about what features you are looking for in a phone. Do you want to play games? Does a phone 3G that is completely touch screen appeal to you or does a slide out keyboard seem more delightful? The style of each phone is different so while some phones have quite a large screen some phones come equipped with a more compact screen. The size of a phone is also something worth thinking about. Some phones are very compact and can fit well in a pocket. Other phones are larger and quite boxy and therefore are not the best phone for a pocket.

Step 2

Check your contract ending date if you currently are under contract with a wireless carrier. If your contract is not due to end soon then you will surely pay an early termination fee for breaking the contract to go to another carrier. If you do not have a contract then the search for any type of phone from any carrier that you would like. When looking for a carrier check to see which carrier has the best coverage in the area that you live in. A phone that looks great and has good apps will not do you any good if you do not have good coverage in your area and cannot make or receive calls. A good carrier will have great coverage for phone 3G.

Step 3

Decide what price you are willing to pay for your new phone. This will help to narrow down the choices of devices you are deciding from. Keep in mind that purchasing a phone that is within your budget is a wise choice.  The right phone 3G will be a phone with the best value for you.

Step 4

Research the phones you are interested in. Check different websites for reviews of the devices you are interested in. This will allow you to check for the positive and negative things about each phone. Some websites have company reviews while others have consumer reviews and then some have both consumer and company reviews. The websites review how well the phones work and how features work on each phone. Do not base your decision on the reviews of only one website. Do searches of different review sites so that you have various opinions to help with your decision process.  A phone 3G with the best review does not mean its the best phone 3G for you.  You may find sites that have reviews for phone 3Gs only.

Step 5

Make a list of the phones you have narrowed your choice down to. Consider the negatives and positives. Then think about what features are most important to you. Then try and go to the carrier store to look at the phone and try it out. After you have seen the phone and looked over your list, make the decision that will fit your needs the best and then enjoy your new phone 3G.




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