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How To Get Free 3Gp

Published at 02/23/2012 20:28:36


Now-a-days, there are many websites on the internet through which you can download videos in any file format. If you have a mobile phone or a music player which supports 3GP file format then you can download videos in 3GP file format.

Step 1

You will find many websites for downloading videos but only some of them provide free 3GP downloads while all other sites provide paid downloads. These websites also provide 3GP videos in two different resolutions such as high and low resolution. The high resolution 3GP video files have very good video quality. Some websites also offer free 3GP audio files for download.

Step 2

Basically, a 3GP file was developed for streaming videos and audio content by using mobile internet connection but it was later included in multimedia mobile phones for playing video and audio files. The 3GP video supports encoded file such as MPEG-4 Part 10 [AVC/H.264], H.263 and MPEG-4 Part 2.

Step 3

The 3GP audio supports encoded file such as AMR-WB, AMR-WB+, HE-AAC v1, HE-AAC v2, AAC-LC and AMR-NB. The size of a 3GP video file depends on its resolution. Higher the resolution, bigger is the size of a 3GP file. Some of the 3GP video resolutions are 128*96 H.263, 176*144 H.263, 352*288 H.263, 128*96 MPEG-4, 176*144 MPEG-4 and 352*288 MPEG-4.

Step 4

There are many websites which have a very large collection of free 3GP video files in every category. Some of the free 3GP video categories available are music, movies, sports, comedy, politics, education and entertainment. For downloading a free 3GP video file you just have to visit the website and than select your favorite category, finally you have to choose the video to be downloaded. Once a 3GP video is downloaded then you can play the video in your default mobile video player.

Step 5

You can also download 3GP video on your computer and then transfer it to your mobile phone. There are also some real-time 3GP video converting websites on the Internet. These websites lets you convert any of your favorite video file into 3GP file format just by adding path of the file and than pressing the conversion button.


When you are downloading free 3GP file you have to download it according to your phone resolution. You must also check whether your phone supports all the 3GP video and audio encoded files. If your phone default player does not support all the 3GP codec then you can download free 3GP player application file. You need to install the application file of the 3GP player on the mobile phone in order to support all the 3GP files.

The demo version of the 3GP player can be downloaded free of charge but the full version is a paid application. High speed internet connection on your mobile phone allows you to download 3GP videos at a faster rate. You can also stream 3GP videos and watch online TV with the 3G internet connection. For faster download of 3GP videos you can also use a download manager. Some of the untrusted websites may spread malware with free 3GP video files. The malware files can harm your phone. So you must always download free 3GP files from a trusted website.