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How To Increase 3G Download Speeds


A 3G service consists of a HSPA network which provides high speed internet access. The speed of the internet affects the 3G surfing and the 3G download speed on a 3G enabled device. There are different types of 3G speeds available with the service provider which is according to different types of 3G packs. These 3G packs offer speed of 1.8 mbps, 3.6 mbps, 7.2 mbps, 14.0 mbps and 21.0 mbps respectively. There may also be a change in download speed due to change in network, handset or traffic etc.

Step 1

In order to increase the speed of a 3G download, first of all one should select the appropriate 3G speed offered by the mobile service provider. The place where the 3G download has to be carried out should be in the 3G environment range of the service provider. While downloading, a user should download only one file at a time so that there is a increase in 3G download speed.

Step 2

If we try to download more than one file at a time, the speed of the 3G network slows down. When there are many users using a 3G service in an area, traffic gets created in the network and it affects the 3G download speed. So in order to get less traffic on 3G network one should download files during night time because there are less users at night.

Step 3

There are different kinds of 3G devices available in the market and they have different kinds of 3G modems built in it. These 3G modems provide very high 3G download speed. These 3G devices are tablet computers, 3G USB modems, mobile phones and Netbooks.

Step 4

Some of the 3G devices available are Samsung Galaxy Pop, Nokia Asha 303, Motorola Charm, Samsung Tab 7.0 plus, Blackberry Bold Touch 9930, Nokia Asha 300, Motorola Defy, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Blackberry Playbook, Nokia 603, Motorola Xoom 2, Samsung Galaxy Y Pro, LG Doubleplay, Blackberry Bold 9730, Blackberry Bold 9650, Nokia C5-06, LG Optimus Net Dual, Samsung Galaxy M Pro, Blackberry Bold 9700, Motorola Droid 2, Nokia 701, Motorola Backflip, Samsung Galaxy Pro, Blackberry Storm2 9520, Nokia N9, LG Optimus Pad, Samsung Wave Y, Nokia N8, Samsung Wave 2, Nokia X6 and Motorola Fire.

Step 5

Those who are looking for the best 3G download deals should choose the best mobile service provider which provides the best 3G speed with affordable 3G plans. Before choosing any 3G service of a service provider, one should check whether their area comes under the 3G coverage range.


You should request for a demonstration of 3G service from the service provider. For constantly getting high speed during 3G download one should follow some steps such as using a download manager, try to keep the 3G device in a fixed position and in the 3G environment. You can also use external 3G USB modem which has an extra antenna slot for increasing the 3G download speed incase if there is lots of traffic in the network. Before starting any download one should check the 3G signal on the device because stronger the signal, faster will be your download.

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