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How To Take Video on a 3Gp


The video 3GP format is derived from 3GPP file format. It came into existence due to the 3GGP project which is known as the Third Generation Partnership Project. The 3GP format is a multimedia container format. Its main purpose is streaming of videos for 3G network service. The 3GP file format is also used for making 3GP videos and 3GP audio files.

Step 1

Some of the 2G and 4G phones also support 3GP file format. The 3GP file can store video codec files of MPEG-4 Part 2, MPEG-4 Part 10 (AVC/H.264) and H.263. A video 3GP file can be played on any multimedia device which supports 3GP file format such as mobile phones or on a computer through any codec supported software and on portable video players.

Step 2

We can record video 3GP on any mobile phone which has camera and a 3GP playback support. To take a video 3GP we have to go in the multimedia menu of mobile phone and select the video camera option. When we select the video camera option, the camera of the phone starts.

Step 3

We can see the camera window with three options; record, settings and back. The record option is used to start the video recording. Once we start the video recording we can also pause or stop the recording. The setting option has different types of effects option where we can give effects to our video such as Normal, Grayscale, Sepia and Negative. It also has white balance option where we can change lighting condition such as automatic daylight, incandescent and fluorescent.

Step 4

We can also change the resolution of the camera to obtain high quality video. Some of the video 3GP resolutions are 176*144, 320*240, 640*480, 800*600, 1280*960 and 1280*1024 respectively. The resolution of the video 3GP depends on the camera pixels. Some of the camera pixels are 1.3 MP, 2 MP, 3.2 MP, 5.0 MP, 8.0 MP, 10 MP and 12 MP.

Step 5

Higher the pixel of the camera, better will be the resolution of the video that we record. There are also some additional features for recording the videos, like we can set the duration of the video if we want to make a small or a large video clip. Some of the mobile phones also have flash light to provide artificial light for recording videos in case of less illumination.


When you take a video 3GP you should always have free memory in your mobile phone to record the video. Some of the mobile phones also have image/video stabilizer which provides less blurring of videos when we move the camera at high speed. Some of the mobile phones capable of taking video 3GP are Nokia X2-01, Motorola V3x, Nokia 303, Sony Ericsson K530, Motorola SLVR L7, Nokia 201, Sony Ericsson K630, Motorola L6, Nokia X2, Sony Ericsson W580, Motorola A1000, Nokia 200, Sony Ericsson W660, Motorola A768i, Nokia C2-05, Sony Ericsson W880, Nokia C5, Sony Ericsson K810, Motorola E680i, Nokia 300, Sony Ericsson W810, Nokia 201, Sony Ericsson W610, Nokia C3, Motorola V3i, Sony Ericsson K 550, Nokia 6303i classic, Motorola A630 and Sony Ericsson W910.

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