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Advantages Of the Htc 3G


The Htc 3g, also known as the Htc Touch 3g is a smart phone that belongs to popular smart phone and tablet manufacturer Htc. The Htc 3g is a member of the Htc Touch family and has done well in terms of sales for the company. In the increasingly competitive world of smart phones, increasing features keep coming in newer models and so such success is not common for every phone that comes out. Htc is considered to be among the more affordable brands and thus is a consumer favorite not only for the affordable price, but also the appealing and creative design is comes out with for practically every phone. But cell phones today are more than just devices that allow you to make and receive calls anywhere you are.


The Htc Corporations name (Htc) is an abbreviation for the High Tech Computer Corporation and initially started off as a manufacturer of smart phones with Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system but in 2009 it shifted its focus on to Android operating system based devices and in the following year, to windows phone operating software based devices as well. Htc is a member of the “Open Handset Alliance” which is a group of handset manufacturers as well as mobile network service providers committed to spreading the Android operating software. Htc is based in Taiwan thus making it a part of the gigantic Chinese telecommunications industry. In the fourth quarter of the last year (2011) it had revenue of $3.44 billion and a net income of $7.13 billion with total assets worth $8.62 billion in the same time period stated. One its subsidiary companies includes “Beats Electronics” which is a popular head phone manufacturer of acclaimed rap artist Dr.Dre.


Coming back to the Htc 3g, it has a wide range of specifications which includes dual band UMTs connectivity as well as quad band GSM which is basically an ability that allows multiple radio frequencies to be accepted on a cell phone as well as numerous network signals. It has a 2.8 inch screen with a resolution of 320x240 pixels. Other than this, the Htc 3g sports a 3.2 rear camera with fixed focus and contains the hardware to allow you to receive Wi-fi Network signals as well as a Bluetooth to allow inter connectivity with other phones with a Bluetooth device in them. The Htc 3g also has a talk time of 400 minutes along with a standby time of 365 hours which is definitely a lot for even the most consistent cell phone user, and it has many other features besides those stated above.

Tips and comments

The Htc 3g received a rating of 8.0 on design, 7.0 on features and 8.0 on performance (all out of 10) by CNET which is not bad at all considering the loads of competition it was up against before it came out and the numerous cell phones that came out on the same dates as this piece of beautiful machinery did. But the most important thing about any piece of machinery is how user-friendly it is and on CNET user’s gave the Htc 3g 3.5 stars out of 5 which is on the higher side and the site itself gave it the same rating which translates to a ‘very good’.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/19/2012
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