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What You Should Know About 3G Video


3g has revolutionized the telecom industry permanently. The telecom industry is becoming increasingly competitive with slimmer phones and increasing features inside them. But competition without regulation leads to the formation of a monopoly and history has numerous examples of such incidents. Thus the 3GPP was born and it is an agreement between groups of telecom associations to provide a globally standard mobile phone operation system which is an evolution of the GSM which is used by practically every mobile phone in the world today, and that is no small feat. But this is a task easier said than done but as the old saying goes: “where there is a will, there is a way”. The 3GPP defines standards for mostly everything about manufacturing a cell phone for its members; this includes the 3g video format to be followed (3g being a phone produced by a company which is a member of the 3GPP family).


The 3g video format is extremely common among the phones of today since a lot of the phones today are of companies that are members of the 3GPP. The 3g video format basically allows you to play videos in your cell phone, provided it is in this format and of course that your cell phone has a video player inside it. The 3g video format does not only play things on your cell phone amnym0re, it has become so common that the popular gaming consoles PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Dsi also support its playback. The 3g video is also what allows users to video call each other which are basically like a video call but on a cell phone. To simplify; you can basically talk to another person with video (provided both users have a camera in their phone) and talk on your phone while you also show your face.


The world of technology is one that is consistently improving and discovering new heights, heights which are not only difficult to match but even harder to beat, yet they are beaten as consistently as they improve. 3g video is no less here, today what it is no one can say what it will be a few years down the line. It allows numerous possibilities and opens the door to even more. We can’t say where technology will lead us, but we do know it won’t be anywhere bad as technological progress is never bad, for any country. But being accepting of new technology is not always good, unless of course you know what you’re doing. Knowledge is the key, even and especially with technology.

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Knowing about technology is essential for numerous reasons which includes the basic fact that you cannot use something you do not know about and it is extremely essential to know about technology because as mentioned, the world is increasing its level of technology in almost everything and with that in mind, not knowing about it would be like being a member of a book club and not knowing how to read; embarrassing as well as de-motivating.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/20/2012
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What You Should Know About 3G Video. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.