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How To Download on a 3Gp

Published at 02/20/2012 08:22:16


3GP is basically a file format type that is used to watch or listen to media files. Actually, it is the same format being used in new cell phones. To talk specifically, this is the file format which enables us to stream videos on our phones or even create them. A 3GP download is basically for 3G phones but since the format supports many other media formats found in basic cell phones your phone need not be a 3G phone after all. You can get a 3GP download in a jiffy and it doesn't even take up much space.

Step 1

The file format of 3GP is different from other multimedia file formats that is a “container” format. One such file can consist of many different files, be it a different format. You can call this a competitive advantage. A 3GP download is quite similar to an MP4 download, except that 3GP files have relatively lesser bandwidth thus very convenient to be stored in cell phones.

Step 2

It is too easy to download. One simple search will offer so many 3GP downloads for your phone. Download it on your PC and transfer it to your phone just like you do so with other files like songs, pictures, etc. The best thing is that it works in reverse as well, you can take the files on your phone and transfer them to your computer using a USB transfer cable or flash drive or Bluetooth. It is compatible to both Windows and Mac so that won’t be an issue.

Step 3

3Gp download is becoming famous, which is why there are numerous sites all over dedicated to these downloads. There are particular sites that offer 3gp audios and videos which can include everything from mobile trailers, latest songs to famous TV commercials and comedy.

Step 4

The coolest thing is if you don’t find what you’re looking for on 3gp format you can download a 3GP Converter of your choice and your favorite videos will be converted to 3gp in no time. It is good to check though that the format of the file is convertible to 3gp in the first place. When that’s done enjoy your video on your phone.

Step 5

It would also interest you that there is 3GP Player available too. It is easily downloaded free. This player means you don’t need any conversions. Simply play your 3gp media straight after downloading from the Internet or transferring from your mobile phone.


Many famous media players like Quicktime and AVone have versions that not only support 3GP media, but also convert it for any use you have in mind. Try converting DVDs to 3GP format so you can actually watch full movies on your cellphone.