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What You Should Know About Pay 3G


Third generation in telecommunications has led to many possibilities that were deemed unrealistic, and were only seen in movies and science fiction television series. With better chances of video conferencing, sending and receiving MMS, and better telephony, third generation, or more commonly known as 3G is a giant leap in telecommunications. It also helps in better internet services for its users due to its more sophisticated technology than its preceding technologies. People can now also shop easily online and then pay for 3g due to its internet services that allow you to easily pay for 3g to whoever you choose for services. Therefore, if your cellular phone provider is providing you 3g services for your mobile, iPads, or other portable gadget that you are using, then you must subscribe to them for your service.


As the name suggests, this is the third generation of telecommunication and telephony. As many cellular phone companies are competing with each other to gain more customers, every company wants to be the first to provide the latest technology available. As a result of this, there was a rapid increase in innovation and advancement of technology that resulted in 3G telecommunication. The first generation was said to introduce the AMPS, which is the advanced mobile phone service deployment by which the world as we know it changed, and the very first mobile phones were introduced. Seen as a rich man‘s toy, this service was hugely commercialized in the second generation with the introduction of GSM, which is short for Global System for Mobile and CDMA, which is an abbreviation of Code Division Multiple Access. Many countries around the world have used this system, and are still using it with third generation also being introduced. The third Generation, or 3G, was initiated by the world governing body of telecommunication that is the International Telecommunications Union which asked the service providers to innovate their systems technologically to make the systems more capable to handle the third generation. The third generation is widely adopted by number of companies, as it also helps the customers to pay their bills through pay as you go 3G. 3G is not just flashy technology, but is also an amazing utility.


You can pay 3g for many services and needs by just using your portable gadget that is compatible with a 3g connection. All you need to do is to buy whatever it is that you want online, and then pay them from your 3G connection whereever you are. 3G can allow you to make payment through your cell phone or iPads. A person can be anywhere and get anything through online shopping and online banking, and then pay for all the purchased items using their 3G device.

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Third generation has revolutionized the way we use our mobile phones and portable gadgets, and these 3g compatible gadgets can make life easier. You can shop online as much as you want and then pay through your 3g device. You can surf the internet using 3g, as well as talk on your phone using 3g. Third generation is indeed an innovation in telecommunication for the better.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/29/2012
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