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What You Should Know About 1.83Ghz


We all need super fast computers with great specifications – computers that run very fast. With the first commercial computers that were made available for the general public to buy to the latest one, the most constant changing feature has been the ability of the microchips to perform better and more efficient than their predecessors. From 256k to now more highly advanced processors coming in laptops, computer and even smart phones, companies and consumers of the processors have constantly seen innovation and advancement of the Processors, the latest one is the core i7, and it is probably the most efficient in the market. Most Mac books and other computer systems have been using the 1.83GHz processor. It was once considered the most efficient by many users of apple products. Even after Apple Inc bought more advanced and more powerful processor, 1.83GHz remained strong in the used electronics markets.


Hertz is the standard international symbol to describe how many cycles per seconds have taken place. The hertz are described in kilohertz, megahertz, gigahertz and terahertz, to tell the potency and the speed of cycles per second. Hertz is used by many processor manufacturers to tell the speed of the processor that is in the motherboards of our laptops and central processing units (commonly known as CPU). The most famous and used processors are the Intel and the AMD processors that happen to be competing against each other. This competition has spawned many processors that are faster, more efficient, and more reliable. The most powerful processor in the world is the Intel Xenon W5590 which is a 3.33 GHz quad core, which even though is similar to the Intel’s core i7, it is more of a server based processor. Currently, the most used processor in the world is the Intel core duo2 processor that is mostly in 2.0 GHz, but the 1.83GHz processors are still in the market and are mostly found in Mac books.


1.83GHz is a good processor on the market if you have an affordability issue. The Mac books by Apple Inc, which are known for their sleek design and durability, still have them in their systems. The 1.83 GHz processor on the systems works well when you need speed. There might be compatibility issues in the long run, as more and more advanced software are being developed, also videos and movies that come in 1080p will be harder to play with a 1.83 GHz processor. Otherwise, the processor that is available in the Mac Book Pro 80 GB, and 100 GB systems work well, and has been given positive reviews by the tech critics. Apple is a name of trust and reliability and its products are designed in such a manner that they are always helpful and easy to use.

Tips and comments

Whatever your processor speed, whether its 1.83GHz or even 2.10 GHz, all that matters is that you must have a system that complements the processor. This means that you must also have good ram and a good power supply to help your processor perform well.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/29/2012
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