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3G actually refers to the “third generation” in wireless technology; the transmission is more high speed, provides access to advanced multimedia and also offers global roaming. The purpose of cell phones that support 3G is to ensure internet connectivity, enabling users to go online, make video and voice calls, download, upload or simply surf the World Wide Web. It can also provide internet services through a 3G router and modem. There are many in the market since the advent of the 3G router.


A 3g router is basically a device that will use a 3G network SIM card for providing internet of a very high speed simultaneously for many users over a 3G cell phone network. This usage of 3G mobile internet has increased ever since 3G USB modems came into the market. The USB port technology enabled wireless internet connectivity over a large area, totally not dependant on wired technology. As this has become more readily available and widespread, the cost too has reduced, which has made it revolutionize the way people run businesses and connect with each other. Just like wireless technology enables multiple users and PCs to connect, this 3G technology is no different. It works on Wifi and even provides additional services like a built in firewall.


The 3G router can be divided into two types. One is the portable type which you can carry anywhere you like. They can run on battery. The other type is the regular router that can be fixed inside the home or office. These might not be portable but work alongside existing internet connections. Another type is the router which comes with an inbuilt modem so there is no need to get a separate 3G card with the router. There are a host of routers being offered out there and it can become difficult to choose what is to your liking or requirement. If you are looking to get a router for your home or apartment, there are many low cost options since you don’t need to cover too wide an area. The CTR35 is one option which is quite compatible with most devices. If you are still interested in a wider range, then the ‘Pepwave surf on the go’ will serve your purpose perfectly. Then there are routers for bigger homes and offices, usually opted for when multiple devices need to be connected. The MBR95 is highly recommended in terms of range, connectivity and economical price. There are many different options available in the market for even bigger setups and large enterprises. So all you need to do is determine the type of 3G router that best matches your requirements.

Tips and comments

Other than these 3G router, specials include several other types like USB based devices and even antennas to get better signals. There are many kinds being offered and, to be honest, the market has become quite competitive now with the introduction of routers that run on rechargeable batteries, etc. The thing is to know which kind suits your premises best and to make sure it is cost effective all the same.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/22/2012
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3G Router Specials. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.