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3G service is a generation of cellular standards for mobile phones and telecommunication which includes services such as mobile internet access, video call and mobile television. 3G service is simply a high speed data and voice access to phone after 2G technologies. This is indeed a wonder in the wonderland of technologies. Services offered as 3G are required to fulfill the requirements listed by the International Mobile Telecommunications-2000. These standards also include the standards for reliability and speed of data transfer rates. For the purpose of meeting IMT-2000 demands, what is required is a system that can meet data rates of 200 Kbit and more.


In view of this context many 3G services provide a better speed than 3G service predecessors. If a 3G user has a broadband card plugged into the USB drive or a Smartphone, then that person can benefit from a variety of internet and web facilities. Surfing or any other procedure on the internet can be easily done.


The following are considered to be essentials for a typical 3G service: it has UMTS system which was first introduced in 2001 in Japan, Europe and China and also in other regions with a GSM 2G infrastructure. These cellular phones are an amalgamation of GSM and UMTS. These were introduced with many radio interfaces whilst the infrastructure was the same. The most extensive radio interface would be W-CDMA. Another thing worth noting is that the latest release of UMTS, HSPA+ is able to provide data rates up to 56 Mbits when it comes to downloading and 22 Mbits in uploading. The working of the 3G service can be understood as it uses the broadband card to bring internet access through the cell phone towers. This means that the best 3G service would be that one which has an uninterrupted signal reception. In the U.S Verizon, Wireless, Sprint and AT &T are the renowned 3G service providers. The nature of the wireless signal is subject to vary and it is influenced by factors as minor as weather and as major as physical obstructions such as cell tower locations and even trees. Connection speed is another factor that influences the speed of a wireless network. However, in an ideal condition, any 3G service is meant to provide download speeds up to 14.4 megabits per second; if your service provider is providing such marvelous speeds then you can rest assure that it is the best. Similarly, the upload optimal speeds range around 5.8 megabits per second.

Tips and comments

3G services entail a three layer information sending process when it comes to mobile to mobile transfer. The first layer turns out to be the actual voice information, where as the second one involves the controlling of transmission to maintain the quality. In this case, the quality should be high. And, finally, the third layer is basic information that exists to prevent any dropped calls that may exist. Before making the decision of buying 3G service, one should consider which carrier has the most economical service plans. 3.75G and 4.5G, recently released by 3G, also offer mobile broadband of many Megabits to mobile modems and Smartphones.

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