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Ideas For 3G Pay As You Go


3G or third generation of mobile telecommunication although is an old concept and dates back to 1998 when it was pre tested in Japan but only now it is highly relevant. With the smart phones common in public, 3G is the new hot thing. The best things about 3G are high speed internet, crystal clear voice and video calls. A lot of companies have come up with 3G solutions for their users and 3G pay as you go is the hottest offer. It has allowed a number of average users to enjoy the facilities of 3G. Since 3G pay as you go came out the number of users of this technology has increased which is not only a good sign for the telecom companies but also the users as they will be able to enjoy more.


Although 3G was first tested in 1998 but the idea never took off due to the lack of technology and the costs involved. Besides at that time cellular usage was not common and only a few selected individuals could afford such luxury. In 2005 one of the cellular companies based in Europe launched a 3G phone that was not expensive and was within the grasp of a number of customers. This brought a boom in 3G usage. At that time the services were very expensive and people needed special plans to use them. 3G pay as you go was launched to attract more customers and build a bigger target audience. The idea was an instant hit and 3G became more common in general public.


Now many companies offer pay as you go services. The usb dongles are one the most famous 3G pay as you go services. The idea was revolutionary as it brought the 3G to not only the mobile users but also to the computer users. Another idea is the 3G wireless hub which allows up to 5 users to enjoy 3G services from one connection and that too on the go. This revolutionary idea is not only cost effective but it keeps the 3G usage in check. Mostly used in companies, the idea has allowed bosses to keep an eye on their employees as they are in a position to better know which employee is working and those who are using 3G services for leisure purposes. The on the go services are now available on all the devices and it doesn’t matter if you have a brand x or brand y machine, the services are readily accessible to all.

Tips and comments

One basic advice while going for 3G pay as you go services is that if you are a hard core internet user who browses 100’s of Mb data every day, then these services are not for you. They will cost you a fortune and you will always be paying lengthy bills. If this is not the case for you, purchase the standard 3G packages that cater best to your needs. It is highly recommended that you use these services only when required and save some money and time.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/22/2012
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