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How To Use a 3G Data Card


With the introduction of third generation telephony users of smartphones and 3g complaint devices were able to use the third generation internet that is faster than its preceding ones. One way by which people who do not have 3g complaint devices can access 3G services is by using the 3g data card. It is given to the customer by the mobile service providers for connecting with 3g internet service. These portable USB connectable data cards are an easy way for people that have laptops and need to be on the move and need to have an internet connection with them. 3g Data card is available from almost every cellular phone service company that is giving 3g services.

Step 1

3g Data cards are like USB flash drives that can be easily carried in your pocket. After getting the data card from the service providing company these data cards are functional when you place the SIM of your connection into the data card to activate it. These data cards are affordable and come in many packages. They are highly useful for those who need a high speed internet connection in order to access the information on the go or send, download or upload heavy files.

Step 2

The cellular companies realize this need and offer affordable packages and neat broadband speed to their users thus giving them high speed quality internet connection. Most 3g data cards are available for a 30 day trial period in which a person can test and use the data card; if the users are not satisfied with the quality of service provided by the data card that has been given to them, they can return it to their service providing company within the trial period.

Step 3

Data cards can either be used by a single user or can be converted to a mobile hotspot thus allowing multiple users to take advantage of the data card services.3g data card is the most easy to use gadget that is in the market. It is more like the flash drive. A person who uses them won’t need to find any guidebook or instructions manual to understand how to work the device.

Step 4

3g data cards are easy to install and both the users of vista and windows 7 can self install the drivers. These data cards are provided with unlimited use by the mobile companies but a person should know that the governments in many countries have placed a prohibition on using more than five gigabyte of the device.

Step 5

It should also be known that these devices should be reported at once if they are broken or don’t read the SIM card that is placed in them during the trial period.


Users of 3g data card must be aware that these cards can be used as wireless hotspot. It can help the user’s friends and colleagues to get the benefit of a faster intent while they are on the move. Also a person would be able to use their 3g data card as "pay-as-you-go” as they can pay only when they need the data card. This can beneficial to students and businessmen.

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