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How To Find a 3G Sim Card


The third generation, or 3G for short, is a technology that lets you access broadband internet services on your laptops or cell phones with the help of 3G sim card. 3G sim card, also known as a USIM, allows a cell phone or any device capable of handling 3G to access a 3G network in order to give an enhanced experience of surfing the web while using a cell phone or a laptop.

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Before its inception, the 2G technology reigned supreme, which offered simple features such as basic internet access, calls and texts. The increasing need for mobility has created a huge demand for a fast internet connection on the go, which the 3G technology has beautifully catered to. The 3G sim card came into existence as the conventional 2G sim card simply could not deliver the increased performance that comes with 3G. Not only that, the 3G sim card has enhanced security, more memory, and added performance power.

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Therefore, as technology has developed, newer gadgets have started to switch from supporting the conventional 2G sims to the powerful 3G sim cards. But, unfortunately, the same trend has not been observed with the service providers. Although big companies like Orange or Vodafone have started to provide 3G sim cards with great packages, many other companies still have not come on board, making it difficult for consumers to switch to 3G.

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So before going through the trouble of looking for 3G sim card. It is best to first know whether the gadget, that you are planning on putting the 3G sim card in, supports 3G or not. Although it is true that some 2G devices will also run 3G sim on them. But, beware, the 3G experience on such devices will not be the same. So it will be best to get a device that has 3G support in it before getting the sim card.

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After that, it’s time to find out which companies offer 3G sims to its existing or potential customers, because not all the phone service companies provide them. Orange, Vodafone or O2 have the largest networks and the most economical data plans, as far as 3G sim cards are concerned, so it is best if you first take a look at them.

Step 5

If these companies are out of your reach, or do not exist where you live, then have a look at the service providers that are present in your area and whether they offer 3G sim cards or not. You can easily get this information by walking into the customer service offices of the service providers and asking them about it.


It is also important to know the difference between a 2G sim card and 3G sim card. The 3G sim card has “3G” written on it as a symbol, whereas a 2G sim card has no such detail present on it. It is important to distinguish between them as they both look the same. Who knows, maybe you might already have a 3G sim card in your phone or IPAD and just not know about it. If you do, then that’s great. But if you don’t then ask the big service providers as they can easily provide you with one at minimal cost.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/23/2012
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