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What To Look For in a 3G Cell Phone


The mobile telephony has made great strides since it was invented; this has given rise to 3g cell phone which is a more modern version of the 2 G and 2.5 technologies. A 3g cell phone has higher capabilities with data enabled faster transmission speeds, advanced network services and greater network abilities. Some of the earlier versions of 3g cell phone network were launched in 2001 by NTT DoCoMo based in Japan. In October of 2001, the Japanese company made history again by being the first to launch a commercial version of the 3 G network.

A 3g cell phone has multimedia enhancements and is capable of global roaming. 3g network handsets are easier connecting to the internet and IP networks which makes voice and video calls possible as well as data surfing on the internet.


A 3 G cell phone should have the following features:

  • Web and WAP browsing at extremely high speeds
  • IPTV(Internet enabled TV)Video conferencing capabilities
  • Higher speeds data transfer rate
  • Audio and video streaming enhancements

3 g network transfer rate ranges between 128 -144 kbps for gadgets that moves fast and about 384 kbps for slower ones such as for pedestrians. On the other hand, fixed LAN has an average speed of approximately 2 mbps. A 3g cell phone has technology which has standards that include cellular radio, WLAN and W-CDMA.

The 3G technology has been developed from the pattern of Gs that was begun several years ago by the ITU. This is a wireless initiative that is also referred to as IMT-2000(International Mobile Communication 2000)A 3 g cell phone is the third generation in the Gs pattern coming after 2G and 2.5G.The 2g technology is famous for making it possible for people to use mobile telephony, it makes use of Global Positioning System that is still in use today.2.5 G technology is a mid-way between the 2g and the 3g technology, it usually includes General Packet Radio System(GPRS), EDGE data transfer rates and Universal Mobile Telecommunications system(UMTS)


In order to use 3g technology, you require a gadget that is 3G enabled such as a 3g cell phone. The 3g cell phones have functions that support the 3 network and other features compatible with 3g network. Though cameras are not always a guarantee that the phone is 3 g compatible, most of the 3g cell phones have cameras that make it possible for video calls among other things.

Tips and comments

A 3g cell phone is not the same as using a WI-Fi gadgets which can use free hotspots for web surfing. If you have a 3g cell phone, you have to subscribe to the service provider for network connectivity. This arrangement is known as data plan. Devices that use 3g network connect to the network through the SIM card especially for a 3g cell phone. The 3 service is available as long as you are within range of the network, however its still possible to use 2.5 and 2g network incase you are not within range of the 3 G network coverage. The 3 network has the advantage of being available on the move unlike Wi-Fi which makes it convenient for a 3 g cell phone.

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