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How Does Broadband 3G Work?

Published at 02/23/2012 20:17:59


3G means third-generation which is referred to the technology. This is advancement to 2G. This technology is used in Internet broadband and mobile services. The technology is based on the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) family of standards. This is developed under International Mobile Telecommunications programme, IMT-2000. There are many advanced operations that Broadband 3G offers which include video calls, 3D-Gaming, Wireless, Video streaming, and VoIP etc. Broadband 3G technology is known for its speed which is about 14.4Mega bit per second on downlink. It has HSPA data transmission capabilities. The uplink is about 508 Mega bits per second.


The Broadband 3G standards are UMTS systemW-CDMA radio interfaceThe TD-SCDMA radio interfaceHSPA+CDMA2000 system. There are many telephone companies that provide Broadband 3G services and wireless network services. All the companies meet IMT-2000 technical standards which meets the specified data speed of a 3G network. They provide wireless 3G data card. Japan was the first country to start this service. The 3G network works on both voice based and non voice based data and at a much faster speed. Broadband 3G frequencies are high and in a higher range of spectrum. The operators must have new networks that match these new frequencies of 3G. The USB or data card that is given by the operator when inserted into the system, self installs the program to run the service. The installation can be done on more than one computer and can be taken along anywhere. This installation gives access to the speed that is 144kbps. The network operators install their networks at 10km range and such that their network falls into that electromagnetic spectrum for wider communication coverage.


Each broadband connection serves through a router or a USB card. This router converts the signals of the internet into a radio signal which is broadcasted. When using a data card, the wireless network picks up the signals and re encodes these signals. In 3G network, the signals are changed into a set of frequency spectrum and not into radio signals. This way the network can operate on more than one channel enabling a wider usage. There are more than one channels and these channels are nothing but different frequencies of the frequency spectrum that the Broadband 3G network operates. This enables the usage of one channel to more than one channel at a time which helps in fast streaming of videos, internet and conferencing. This range of channels provides speed and clarity.

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