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When Should You Buy a New 3G Phone?


Every year new models of cellular phones of various systems are released and promoted. Most individuals felt overwhelmed to buy new cellular phones every time new models are released. Today, the released of 3G phones achieved higher sales rating compared to other models. This is because of the mere fact that the new 3G phones offer state of the features and specifications. However, these extravagant mobile phones are highly expensive. And thus the question, when should you buy a new 3G phone is frequently asked.


Just to provide a brief overview of the new 3G phones, it is best to learn more about this gadget through a brief description and history. 3G also known as 3rd generation mobile telecommunications is the standard of mobile phone services because it achieved the International Mobile Telecommunications -2000 specifications. These specifications include mobile internet access, video calls and mobile TV. Internationally speaking, the first 3G phone was created and released by Japan in the year 2001. In the US, it was in 2002 that the first 3G network was Version Wireless. By the year 2007, over a billion customers are using the 3G services all over the world. As of today, more and more individuals are using new 3G phones not only as personal necessity but also as a work-related tool. Now that all the reasons to buy this cutting edge gadget are laid, the question still remains. When should you buy a new 3G phone?


When deciding for the right time to buy a 3G phone, several factors come into play. First is the availability. Several network or phone services offer different types of 3G phones. One example is AT&T that offers the prestigious 3G iPhone. In this case, ask yourself, do you like AT&T’s services? You have to think twice when considering this factor since it would take months of contract before you could fully terminate it. If you think that you could fully comply with the terms and conditions then this would be the right time for you. Next is the purpose of the handset. Basically, there are new 3G phones such as blackberries that are meant for work-related purposes. Taking this into consideration, the right time for you to buy a new handset is when you finally determined the purpose of you phone to maximize its features. When it comes to this decision, keep in mind that every now and then new 3G phone models will be released. Try reading promotional ads to determine which is better.

Tips and Comments

With that being said, you can now fully determine the right time to purchase a new 3G phone. However, the most important factor you should consider is your budget. Since it is a common trend that cellular phones depreciate fast, you can wait for the right moment when you can afford it. Though by the time it reaches your budget, a newer model is released, you should always purchase first what you need rather than what society demands. Practicality sake, it is best to tell yourself that as long as the 3G phone can satisfy your needs, stick with it for the time being.

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