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Third generation is a quantum leap in telecommunications. Gone are the days of dreaming for better modes of communication via video and MMS with a better voice quality. With the advent of third generation of mobile telecommunications, users of cellular phones or any other device capable of 3g communication can get more efficient and faster transfer of data, internet browsing, uploading and downloading. In fact that with a 3g internet connection a person can also browse easily well on their laptops and iPads. But the to find a good 3g connection can be very difficult as almost all the mobile networks are now promoting their 3g connections causing confusion in the selection of a suitable one for oneself. The best way is to find a good 3g review where you can find out what the tech critics have to say about different 3g connections available in the market. Therefore by listening to what people have to say (word of mouth) and 3g review available in the tech and PC magazine either in print or online can be of great help in deciding which 3g to use.


Third generation is the third age of telecommunication. The first Age was the AMPS, the advanced mobile phone service deployment which was the very first time when mobile technology in telephony was introduced. At that time the spread of cellular phone was restricted and considered primarily for business purposes. In the second generation the GSM and CDMA were introduced which revolutionized the spread and usage of Cellular Phones. GSM stands for the Global System for Mobile and Code Division Multiple Access or CDMA. The third generation became prominent for its ability in handling the packet data. Today many companies after the regulation of their respective countries have adopted the 3g technology. Therefore any end user of a cellular phone now needs to know which network has the best 3g connection and for that reason reliable 3g review is very important.


A 3g review can be found in both electronic and print media. With increasing consumer base in the cellular market and demand of internet on the move, it has become a hot topic for many magazines that are dedicated to technology and telephony to write reviews about the 3g mobile connection. Many websites like CNET and PC world usually carry out rankings of the best mobile phone connections from time to time. These rankings are based on connectivity, plans, packages and after sales. Also there are many magazines that are easily available at the nearest book shops and newsstands where you can read about the finest 3g connection for yourself. The best review for your 3g connection search can be that of a current user using a 3g connection. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get the true picture of almost anything and same is the case with different 3g connections.

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3g review can be very helpful in getting a proper connection for you. By getting a connection this way one can solve many issues that they face with 3g internet packages like affordability and connectivity.

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