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Where To Buy a 3G Blue


With the rising demand of smartphones, many companies like Google have also started to come into this market with their operating systems, as this helps them to grow into a powerful entity. Android was Google’s answer to the immensely popular OS of Iphone that Apple Inc. manufactures. It has been developed by OHA, which is a group of a multitude of companies from Google, Sony, Intel, HTC, Qualcomm, Dell, Motorola, Texas instruments, and many other that have agreed to use and promote the Android operating systems on their machines. 3g connections in smart phones and tablets have signals in two colors, blue and white. The 3g blue or white indicates the service quality of your mobile with the nearest 3g tower. Many consumers that have recently started to use the smartphones are having difficulty in understanding small features like the color of the signals of 3g blue or white. The users sometimes get confused in figuring out which is which, and what they represent.


With so many smartphones, and each with their own version of android systems, a person is bound to be confused with countless changes in icons and features. For instance, if one smartphone has 2.3.3 while another Smartphone has 2.3.5, both of these types will have a completely different interface. Many icons of both the types will also be changed for aesthetics, and to get a competitive edge. By doing so the manufacturers play their consumer behavior card by exciting the users with the launch of a newer Smartphone. Among Androids, Samsung and Motorola offer the most prominent Smartphone sets. The Taiwanese company HTC has also made significant increase in its market share and has also launched many smartphones with Android operating systems that show the 3g blue and white signal strength to the user.


Where to buy 3g blue is like asking where to by the best 3g connection in the market, since 3g blue represents the strength of the connection. Most companies have made promises that they are giving you the most reliable 3g services with promotions showing users at unreachable places thus proving the power of 3g connectivity. By getting or buying 3g blue connection a consumer is actually buying the most powerful service in the market. Some people believe the blue icon will show up if the user has activated his background data or when the internet is available, and when the background data is not available, the icon will remain white. This is a huge misconception.

Tips and comments

If you do not know what the 3g blue icon means or what it does, or if you are looking for the best 3g connection that gives you the best internet connectivity, then you must ask people around you. Especially consult those who have been using different types of 3g connections as word of mouth is one of the best sources for you to get information regarding the best 3g service available in the market. 3g connection providers can be compared on the internet using various sites by going through different reviews written about them.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/29/2012
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