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What You Should Know About 3G Cards


The levels of technology that have been witnessed in the 21st century are unrivaled. In the ancient times some crude and primitive methods were used to relay information. These included the likes of smoke, drums and even ululations. Evolution has proved itself that for real people are evolving the Moving from being primitive to being bright. The telecommunication industry has been experiencing shake ups year in year out. The mobile internet technology has been in the forefront and the instance when to read emails or even download music was a thing done in the cyber cafes nowadays they are done one the comfort of one’s palm.


3G cards provide to the subscribers a broadband internet connection in places where the signal is available. The word 3G stands for third generation. The 3G cards came to play the role that for a long time had been held by WI-Fi. Previously to access internet meant you had to be in an airport or an area connected with the Ethernet cable. This meant that one had to be stagnant in one place. This is a boring routine as it is not efficient. It does not suit people with urgent business needs such as accessing emails and so on.


3G cards are also known as a wireless internet adaptor. The speeds at which the 3G cards connect are very high but it also depends with the service provider. The charges vary and the customers may purchase a prepaid internet bundle or access the post paid data plan. However most of these cards with the ability of connecting at very high speeds are also very expensive.
Currently a number of laptop manufacturing industries have teamed up with various makers of broadband in new innovations which enable the laptops to reach the market with inbuilt 3G cards. This is a major step as it liberates the laptop user from the chains of one service provider. This way the customer can choose the services from the cheapest providers in the market. The latter program only allowed the laptop owner to only browse with one broadband. However as the technology is still changing there are instances when a broadband modem can be cracked to offer the services of all the other service providers providing there is the network signal.

Tips and comments

Basically all the 3G cards HSDPA enabled. This means that their connectivity is on high speed. Most service providers update their networks regularly and to this effect the speed of these 3G cards also increases. Due to these innovations currently there is the introduction of the fourth generation networks (4G) this again is more first as compared to the 3G cards, for them to be fully intercepted in the market it means that the manufacturers of various broadband should consider to improve their data cards. The inbuilt 3G cards are better than the USB modem stick. This is because the inbuilt is not restricted to any network unlike the USB modem which unless is cracked is restricted to one service provider.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/01/2012
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