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What Is 3G Cell Phone Service?

Published at 01/27/2012 13:06:00


Now a days, the world of technology has gone very advance. People can use and connect to the world wide web any time any where they are with their mobile phones. The mobile phones are compact and easy to carry that’s why a lot of world's population is using the internet service on their mobile phone. Mobile phones support both 3g and 2g technology. Now a day most of the countries of the world are offering the 3g data service to the mobile phone users. 3g data services has made the world of internet very fast and very easy. Most of the people do not know what is 3g service and how it works. To understand what is 3g one must know these information. They have a 3g mobile phone but they still do not have any idea about what is 3g. well, 3g is a third generation mobile phone service used by different countries of the world these days. most of the telecommunication companies market their mobile internet service as 3g. 3g service is widely used to surf mobile internet, watch mobile TV and make video calls from their mobile phones.


In 2001, the UMTS system was offered and was primarily used in Japan, Europe and China while the other countries were still using the GSM 2g network system. Later on in 2005, CDMA and UMTS introduces the 3g network service which became very popular and was being widely used in different countries of the world. Now a days, the 3g services provided has 14.7 Mega bytes per second to 22 Mega bytes per second speed. This speed is very high as compared to the 2g GSM service where as 2g services can only provide maximum speed of 144 Kilo bytes per second.


People are using 3g phones more like a mini laptop. A phone is easy to carry and you can surf high speed internet any where any time. You can send email, watch videos, make video calls and download data with the high speed internet without any disruption. Now the question is that what is 3g network require for so much high speed internet. A 3g network require a frequency based signal transmitted through a signal tower. A signal tower is basically a lattice structure of steel raised hundreds of meters in the air. It provides signals to the 3g cellular frequency receiver which are built in a 3g cellular phone. A radio signal transmitting box house is the main hub of the frequency. The tower the transmits the signals many kilometers around it.

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Multiple telecommunication companies share the tower for transmitting there signals. Each company have a separate high frequency antenna mounted on the top of the tower. The data is received by the 3g cellular phone in the form of radio frequency signals. Different cell phones have can receive different type of 3g frequency for example, HSDPA 850, HSDPA 900, HSDPA 1900, HSDPA 2100, CDMA2000 or EV-DO. These are different kind of frequency bands used by different companies. This information can give a person of basic understanding about what is 3g. Recently the 4g technology has been announced but is not common as the 3g technology is still being used widely all over the world.