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How To Use a 3G Smartphone

Published at 01/31/2012 21:18:42


The term 3G Smartphone has been used a lot lately and the word Smartphone has become part of our vocabulary in the latest years. There are many people that wonder what a smartphone is exactly and what are the differences between a 3G Smartphone and a cell phone. What makes the smartphone smart?
Smarphones are devices that have all the features of a regular cell phone, but it also has features that, until now, were only found on a computer or personal digital assistant like sending emails, edit documents or surfing the web.
At first there were cell phones and PDA’s (personal digital assistants). Cell phones were used just for making calls and send text messages, while PDA’s were used to store contact info, organizing schedules and it could sync with a computer. When PDA’s received wireless connectivity they were a lot more versatile because they could send emails. Combining a cell phone with a PDA gave birth to 3G Smartphone.

Step 1

3G Smartphones use operating systems that allow the use of applications. For example Apple’s iPhone runs the iOS operating system which is used on all Apple smartphones. Other companies the make 3G Smartphones use different operating systems like, Microsoft’s Windows, Google’s Android, and BlackBerry OS.
3G Smartphones use the 3G technology which is the latest in discovery in mobile communications. 3G stands for third generation and this technology increases bandwidth and transfer rates. 3G networks have transfer speeds up to 3Mbps which is way more then 2G phones have a transfer rate of 144Kbps. This makes 3G Smartphones ideal for downloading, sending or receiving files or for streaming videos. A smartphone is just like a mini-laptop but you can carry it in your pants pocket.
The great advantage of a 3G Smartphone is that it allows the user to install and run applications of his choosing. Regular cell phones have all the applications built-in so except some few minor tweaks you are stuck with the same applications.

Step 2

Smartphone characteristics differ from one model to another, but they have some common traits. They usually have a mini-keyboard and they have PDA functions, calendar, phone book, GPS navigation, Wi-Fi internet. New models are equipped with touch sensitive screens (touchscreen). Smartphones can do it all from photos to video and audio recording.
With technology advancing smatphones will become thinner and cheaper which means that maybe in 10 years almost everybody will have a 3G Smartphone.
A smartphone is very useful when you are bored and you need entertainment, you can watch movies, listen to music and make photos. With almost 40 million copies sold in the world iPhone 4S is probably the best 3G Smartphone that you can find now on the market. The future will probably bring us even more technological advanced smartphones that will make our life easier. The smartphone has become a part of our life and it will remain there for a long period of time. Having a smartphone sure is fun and it can help you in different ways, there are no limits for a smartphone.


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