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How To Replace a Lost Mobile Phone 3G Charger


Cell phone chargers are the vital lifetime that helps supply electrical energy to the battery when it runs low. However, third-generation, or 3G, cell phones do more than just serving as a means of voice communications for owners of the device. Cell phones and smartphones that use the 3G standard can connect to the Internet, just like a laptop or tablet PC. In fact, many cell phone owners use a technique called tethering to connect a 3G cell phone to a laptop so that they can dial up to the Internet through a cellular carrier, like AT&T Wireless or T-Mobile.

Replacing a 3G charger becomes complicated on these types of handsets, because the cable itself has to have a unique tip to be able to connect properly to the cell phone. Further, that power port that recharges the cell phone may serve as dual role as the data connector; for example, while you can connect a 3G phone to the USB computer for Internet access as well as recharging the batter in the phone. As you go to replace the 3G charger, take these aforementioned factors into consideration.

Step 1

Visit your cell phone carrier's local store to find a 3G charger. These types of retail stores vary, from a store in a shopping center, to a kiosk in a mall. Also, businessmen are able to set up franchises under the carrier's company name. For example, you might see a local cell phone store that has a sign on the storefront similar to the following: "Verizon Wireless Authorized Retailer." After you go inside the store, ask the sales clerk for assistance in finding a 3G charger that matches your phone.


Step 2

Navigate to your cell phone carrier's online store to replace your 3G charger. Continuing with the Verizon Wireless example, navigate to using the Internet browser on your computer. Click the Accessories section to find sort the 3G charger accessories based on the model of your particular phone. Complete your order online and then have it shipped to your home.

Step 3

Navigate to the website of the company that manufactured your cell phone to replace our 3G charger. Manufacturer's include Apple and Samsung. This is another reliable way to find genuine accessories, buying directly from the company that also made the phone in their factories. After you place your order online, the company will ship the charger to you address.

Step 4

Use online marketplaces, such as and, are good, cheap sources for 3G chargers. However, be careful about buying generic or even counterfeit accessories.

Step 5

Consider alternative types of chargers for your cell phone, such as wireless or cable-less chargers.

  • If you cannot find a 3G charger replacement, leaving you cell phone useless, don't just discard the device in the trash. Find your local electronics recycling center so that it does not pollute the environment.

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