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Today, wireless technologies rule the way people handle and use electronic devices, gadgets, systems and computers. There are so many manufacturers and products that also bank on the new concept. 3G is one of the most advanced technologies available today that allow people to get connected very quickly. With so many features, applications and programs to run, it's always advisable to find the best 3G battery to support everything.


About 3G

3G is more advanced compared to many wireless technologies introduced in the past like Bluetooth, infrared, 2.5G, etc. Today, it is used by many big names and gadgets because of the transmission at very high speeds, global roaming capabilities, state-of-the-art multimedia access and several other features. Users can easily download or add data, browse the internet, connect to different IP networks and the internet and make video and voice calls. The 3G battery has to be able to support all these functions and keep the device on and functional so that information can be transferred efficiently. Other activities like video or voice conferencing, web browsing, internet TV support and video and audio streaming must be allowed for several hours at a time. The 3G battery should have long life capable of supporting all these functions and strengths for a full package.


About Overheating

One of the most common problems experienced by the 3G battery at present is its tendency to overheat very quickly. People are advised to turn off the 3G and WiFi on their gadgets and devices if they wish to conserve more energy. Other products are still being improved because battery life lasts no more than 2 to 3 hours with minimal web browsing, email checks and video streaming. Certain programs and software features can also be the cause of 3G battery overheating. The internet connection must be stopped by the user if he is not using the electronic device to keep the 3G battery from draining passively. 3G connectivity can be turned off by adjusting the settings.

About File Transfers

3G networks also transfer files at a speed of 144 kilobits per second. The faster the speed, the more power consumed from the battery. Users might like to adjust the speed accordingly and control the number of files being transferred or downloaded at a time to manage the battery better. Streaming and downloading at the same time will consume a lot of power. Users must prioritize their activities and network tasks as well.

Tips and comments

What to Look For

Primarily, the 3G battery should have long life. It should allow the user to do a variety of online activities like transferring files, downloading files and videos, uploading files, having video and audio conferences, streaming music, audio files and videos, communicating with others on the web, making calls, texting, checking email and chatting. All of these should last for a reasonable period of time. Even if the person is doing more than one activity at a time, it's important for the 3G battery to provide enough power and not overheat for the best electronic device performance.

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