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We all know how third generation telecommunication technology or 3G as it is called has revolutionized the use of cellular phones in our live. A few years ago it was a mere dream of making a video call from cell phone or using high speed internet on mobile phones. The dream came true when 3G went public and since its inception a lot of myths have revolved around this technology. The biggest myth is that 3G sim only works on 3G enabled phones; that is not true. It works fine on regular phones. 3G sim cards allow the user to access 3G services from their cellular phones and look exactly the same as a regular sim card. No difference in shape and size.


The history of 3G sim cards goes back to the launch of 3G technology. At that time many people replaced their 2G Sims with the new Sims by paying a small fee to the service providers. As stated earlier there is no difference in size and shape and the change was only made by people who had 3G powered cell phones and wanted to switch to this technology. Since at that time the 3G users were not in high numbers the rumors and myths about the new cards arose.


Subscriber Identity Module or Sim card is needed to connect a cell phone from the network. It is very small in size and contains a specific code or identity. A 3G sim has a special code that enables the user to not only make video calls but also use high speed internet services. This sim also contains additional storage facility that allows it to process more data and store more contacts. The amount of storage varies from user to user. This sim also works with FDMA, TDMA and CDMA protocols which make it a very powerful tool. A number of carriers lock their cell phones to restrict use of other sim cards from their phones. If you are one of those lucky ones who are not in a contract and the phone is not locked, you can use any sim that is powered by 3G services in your phone. If the phone is locked by the carrier than tough luck because only a sim card powered by that specific carrier can be used. Although the sim card can be used in other phones that are locked by the specific carrier.

Tips and comments

An important tip that has already been discussed here is that the 3G sim card can be used in 2G mobiles. Although the 3G services will not be available to the user as the phone is not 3G powered but the regular services like text messages and voice calls will still work. This also proves that a sim card that is 3G enabled can only make 3G calls. Also this sim is the same as a regular sim and doesn’t need any extra care. Just insert it in the cell phone in the correct position and you are ready to use 3G as you go.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/23/2012
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