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The third generation mobile technology known to general public as 3G invaded the market by storm. A number of people sold their phones and bought the 3G phones to enjoy the video calling facility using their 3G camera. The good thing about 3G that was revolutionary was the video call option and people only dreamt of such facilities. Cameras in Cell phone were introduced at the beginning of 21st century but the dream of making video calls still existed. It was only made possible due to 3G camera phones that created a new dimension to the history of telecommunications. These cameras also reduced the concept of webcam, popularity of which is now far less than that of 3G camera phones.


The history of telecommunication goes way back to the time of Graham Bell when he invented the telephone. At that time a lot of static was observed in calls and it took great heart to complete a call. As time progressed and The Star Wars gained popularity the concept of a phone with camera that would transmit their image was born. Although it took years to come true but was made possible only through the 3G camera phones. These camera phones have not only cemented themselves in history but also started a new race in mobile development as a result of which cell phones have very powerful cameras that can even record video in high definition.


It is interesting how technology develops at a very fast pace and makes everything obsolete within a few years. Same thing happened to camera phones after 3g camera phones were introduced. These phone cameras offered amazing features and took over the market of standard VGA camera phones. First of all the mega pixels started to increase at an amazing rate. At the moment one of the best 3G phones in the market offers 12 megapixel camera and at one time 0.3 mega pixel camera was the hottest thing in the market. Another interesting feature is the panorama view and wide angles. Now a person while on a video call powered by 3G service can easily show the surrounding environment to the person on the other end of the phone. Another interesting feature is the different modes for image capturing. There are the very basic modes like black and white or the night mode but then there are advance modes like 4 color modes. Also the option of editing image with these camera phones is something that is making the use of photo editing tools on the computer irrelevant.

Tips and comments

One precaution is that even if you have the best of the best 3G camera phone it is not relevant unless the 3G services are enabled on your sim card. Many people who buy exquisite 3G phones do not use 3G services, which is a huge waste of money and this expenditure is highly irrelevant if the services are not going to be used. One more thing is that 3G tariffs are slightly more than the standard services. If the services are beyond your expense then it is wise not to buy the 3G phone.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/23/2012
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