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Of all the advancements and developments in technology, 3G is the most pervasive and phenomenal. The dream of video conferencing was one thing but to bring it to your hands in your cellular phone was a giant leap. With 3g technology people can now talk to anyone anywhere via cellular phone’s camera while the other person can reply using theirs. With the advent of 3G technology the manufacturers of cellular phones now face the challenge of creating cell phones with best cameras suited for the 3G function. This on the other hand triggered an intense competition of the phone with the camera 3G. Therefore being a customer of cellular phone one must know which phone is best in the market for camera 3G.


3G or third generation technology means that it is the third wave to telecommunication technology that has now entered into the market. The first wave came in 1980’s when there was massive deployment of the AMPS or advanced mobile phone service deployment. The second wave in which all the countries capable of having a cellular phone network (which is almost every country in the world) were taken in was the two fold revolution in telephony and communication. These were the Code Division Multiple Access or CDMA and the Global System for Mobile that is GSM. The international body of telecommunication, The International Telecommunications Union knew that to bring about the third generation the mobile networks would have to take revolutionary steps to create it. That is to transform from second generation to third generation the network should be able to handle the deliverance of the packet-switched data at far greater speeds. It is therefore a necessity now for manufacturers of cellular phones that they come up with a phone with the best camera 3g.


One of the best camera 3g in the market is of the latest phone launched by Apple Inc by the name of their flagship product the Iphone 4S. This cellular phone has one of the best cameras on its front and rear that can help its user to communicate very efficiently and with a far better quality than any other phone in the market. Its fierce competitor and rival in the smartphone industry is Samsung’s Smartphones powered by the mighty Google’s android. It also has a really efficient and 3G compatible camera that can help its user better communicate with its recipients. Many phones in the market have now got a front view camera and any phone that you pick will definitely have one due to popular demand and with increasing competition for market share low network cost. Other smartphones companies like HTC and Blackberry are also catching up fast with better and more powerful cameras to attract more and more customers in the market.

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The best phone camera 3G is not the one which is most expensive but the one which is fastest in helping a user get his message across to the other and does not hinder the picture quality or give any busted pixels.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/23/2012
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The Best Camera 3G. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.