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Review Of the 3G Ericsson Phone

Published at 02/15/2012 16:55:15


Gone are the days when people used cell phones only for calling and texting. The new 3G technology has forever changed the modern phones. Along the basic functions of the phone such as calling, texting, using application 3G Ericsson phones add value to the products. 3G technology essentially refers to the 3rd generation mobile telecommunications. This technology offers extra services fulfilling the specifications of International Mobile Telecommunication. The applications can be installed in the phone or bought on the internet. 3G Ericsson phones offer wireless voice phone, video calls, use of wireless internet and video calls, all of which can be done on a small portable device. Technology has really made us move a huge leap step forward.


Review Of the 3G Ericsson Phone

The technology for 3G Ericsson phones was first introduced in South Korean operators known as SK Telecom in 2000. This is the first company that offered this technology. The speed offered by this technology initially was 144 kbps but eventually upgraded to 384 kbps in the time span of one year.


The 3G Ericsson phone was designed for different purposes. It made the work of business men and other workers a lot easier. Now they can communicate via multiple means with the help of their 3G Ericsson phones. E-mails can be checked on the go, documents can be sent and a people can be entertained with the wide range of games. Social networking websites can also be accessed and it has made communication with friends and family easier. These devices can be used to play music, videos and take pictures. Ericsson collaborated with Sony and has achieved massive success. The Xperia Ray and Xperia Arc S are particularly famous. The screen of Ericsson phones is usually 3.2 inches and has short-cut buttons on it. These short-cut buttons allows quick and easy access to the phonebook, messages, music or any other feature. The keyboard of these phones can be viewed in portrait as well as landscape mode. Ericsson phones are pleasing to the eye and have a smooth interface. They work well as a walkman phones and displays high quality and sound. The Ericsson phones comes with accessories which include a mobile charger, a USB cable, headset and an instruction manual. These phones are known to be user-friendly and can be mastered quickly. Other features available in Ericsson 3G phones are video recording, playback, streaming and video calling. There is an option for audio playback and audio storage as well. Ericsson phones usually have an internal memory of 320 MB but an additional micro memory card can be used.

Tips and comments

A useful tip for everyone nowadays would be to always carry your phone charger with you. This could save you from a lot of trouble. Phone chargers can be plugged into wall sockets or USB ports in your laptop. Mobile phones are extremely useful devices. They have countless functions and often we are not aware of all of them. The emergency number worldwide is 112. This number can be dialled in emergencies and the mobile will find an existing network to establish a connection.