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What Is the Best 3G Router?


With so many 3G routers available in the market today, people usually find it difficult to determine the proper features that will provide them with consistent and reliable connection each time. There are a number of key traits to watch out for to find the best 3G router that will help in different functions and activities. Some of the brands have already been offering quality products to consumers for many years. Here are some tips and guidelines.

About the 3G Router

The 3G router is a device that offers wireless internet connection to computers or laptops. 3G stands for third generation and is an innovation of previous versions that generally intend to provide connection to one or more computers for various activities and online tasks. Today, there are several brands offering these devices plus other add-ons like a DSL modem that will aid offices, homes and schools. Buyers should compare the items carefully to end up with the best performing setup.


Key Traits:

Computer users should prioritize the 3G router according to the following; reliability, stability, speed then user friendliness. Individuals should be able to access the internet 24 hours a day whenever they need to because tasks and online activities can happen at any time. Stability means that users should also have non-stop internet connection so that their work does not get disrupted by sudden disruptions in the connection. Speed refers to the capacity of the service provider to support various functions like web browsing, video and audio streaming and file uploads and downloads. User friendliness refers to the system's simplicity. It should be easy to install, maintain and use. People can actually troubleshoot some of the best 3G routers today on their own without the help of a professional.

Possible Add-ons:

The best 3G router might also offer other connection capabilities such as a sim slot and a USB modem so that people can also transfer and get information using other methods and tools. Look for some of the best names in the market that have been offering quality devices through the years like TP-LINK and D-LINK. Some of the best setups offer a fail-over option so that the user can choose the initial and secondary connections just in case the first one fails. The first one to choose should be the reliable and fast one. People can simply change to DSL or modem connection when 3G fails.

Price and Reviews

The prices of 3G routers will not vary greatly. There are huge differences in two categories only, the well-known brands and the newcomers. Some of the established brands will offer the 3G router for about $45 to $75. There are cheaper versions that are priced just under $50 but it's best to read reviews and feedbacks about these new products first. It's also ideal to check with the service provider and ask which setup they personally recommend. Visit online sites and read blogs to get honest feedback and support for these items. Talk to other users online and have them recommend the right setup for the computer.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/15/2012
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