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Is 3G Coverage Good in Los Angeles With Sprint?


Sprint is a very big telecommunication company in United States. Although a late entry in the market, Sprint has made its place in a very short period of time. Despite facing many difficulties in the start it made its mark through quality service. Sprint provides a number of data services to its users including the 3G coverage and the recent addition to its arsenal is 4G service. The 4G service as compared to 3G is not common and is used by a hands full of people. 3G is used by many and in Los Angeles the 3G coverage of Los Angeles is considered to be the very best.


As we all know that back in the old days of communication, making a video call or using high speed internet from the cellular phone was just a dream. In many parts of the world this is still a dream but not in United States of America. The dream in USA was turned into reality and it was due to the 3G coverage that was made available to people through Sprint. Sprint is one of the oldest players in 3G market of America and the services can be accessed throughout the United States of America. The launch of 3G registered Sprint as a "Grade A" cellular service provided and since the rates were considerably reasonable it made a huge market in the domestic market of cell phone users.


Without any doubt, the 3G coverage that is available in Los Angeles powered by Sprint is not just good but excellent. The quality provided by Sprint is par excellence and the carrier always receives full signal unless the user goes deep down in the ground or travels in a plane. These are the only places in Los Angeles where you will be unable to find satisfactory services of Sprint. The reason behind this top quality service is the love towards the customers. Customer trust is the symbol of brand loyalty and Sprint believes in spreading a culture of customer company relationship. Providing high quality services, no drop in signals and data packages with insanely impressive download speed is what makes Sprint 3G a win win situation for everyone.

Tips and comments

Having said all this the user needs to realize that 3G services are only available on a 3G phone. 3G phones are not cheap and they cost a lot of money and normally the carrier is provided with a 2 year contract. So if you want to enjoy 3G coverage and don’t have that kind of money it is advised that don’t opt for it. If you are not a hardcore cell phone user and only use it to make calls and an occasional text message, still don’t use 3G. But if you are one of those tech-savvy people who live in Los Angles, make a lot of video calls, send and receive emails from your phone and even have the money to afford 3G services. Go for Sprint and take your cell phone usage experience to the next level.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/17/2012
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Is 3G Coverage Good in Los Angeles With Sprint?. 5 of 5 based on 10 votes.