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What Is 3G Internet?


3G is the third generation of telecommunication. With more tech savvy customers now having access to complex smartphones, users can do all sorts of things on their phones that previously required a PC or laptop. With more and more cellular phone networks switching to 3g more people are getting accustomed to it. With its advanced capacity to carry packet data and its users getting so much more from it, internet 3G has become the new craze. The internet 3G provides is a feature of 3G communication which compared to the first and second generation is faster and reliable.


3G is the third step in the advancement and technological innovation of the telecommunications. The first generation is said to have begun when the AMPS or advanced mobile phone service was deployed to foster and provide mobile telephony. The second generation was the Code Division Multiple Access or CDMA and the Global System for Mobile that is GSM. This generation of telephony still is the main type of communication for many countries in the world as in many countries the regulations and infrastructure is still catching up. The third generation is the one that is able to provide far better services in deliverance of the packet data. This was not lost on international telecommunication Union who knew that if the world is to handle 3g telecommunication, they would need better technology and infrastructure before launching a 3g communication. It is for that reason that the internet 3G promises is faster than its preceding generation. The 3G technology in technical terms is referred to as International Mobile Telecommunications-2000, or MT-2000. Internet 3g is therefore much more fast and competent compared to old systems.


The internet 3G provides is the fastest in the market. This statement implies that compared to preceding mobile technology the 3g internet would be able to provide better and more efficient service in video calling, downloading, uploading or even browsing. Also one feature of 3G that makes it better than its counterparts is its functionality. Even though it may not be good enough to use on personal computers and laptops but on the go when you have your cellular phone and iPads, 3G wireless internet can help you in getting a fast paced internet. It can also help you browse efficiently with a competent browser. One must know that wifi may not be as sufficient as 3g since 3g internet can be of great use to people who travel a lot or have to work in places with no wifi connections.

Tips and comments

In order to use internet 3G, you must have a gadget that is 3G compatible. The term 3G is mostly used when talking about cell phones as many service providers know that compared to wireless internet people are now preferring 3G internet. With more and more funding into better telecommunication systems by companies we are about to enter the fourth generation after which we may not use 3G connections anymore and cellular phones may work far better with 4G.

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