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What Should I Look For in 3G Handsets?


3G or third generation is the standard or eras of telecommunication and mobile phones. You might have always wondered why the signals bar in your 3G handsets say 3G sometimes and at other times it is just a key type symbol. 3G technology allows us to achieve more from our phone than just simple calling and texting. 3G gives your handsets the ability to use the Internet, wireless phone calls, video calls and even watch TV on the handset. Today, one of every four handsets used by people has 3G capabilities. 3G handsets are no longer expensive as manufacturers are making the technology a standard issue in their phones. So, what is the best 3G handset you could get and what do you look for in the best ones?


Although, 2G phones are just as useful and efficient as any other but they cannot beat the capabilities of 3G handsets. Before you zero in on a particular handset, there are some things you need to make sure the phone has, to decide whether it is of satisfactory preferences or not. The first thing that should pull your interest towards a handset is dual camera. Dual camera refers to a handset having not one but two cameras, one at the front and one at the back. The front camera will allow you to make video calls. Most front cameras are of the simple VGA standards, but newer and much more advanced phones today like Apple’s iPhone and HTC thunderbolt have front cameras of up to 1.3mp. The second camera is for your personal use and to take high definition pictures (in some phones only) and then being able to send them through the mobile Internet or MMS feature to your friends, family and also upload them to social networks like Facebook.


The second thing you need to make sure is that your handset is 3G or 3.5G compatible. The 3.5G, also known as HSDPA, has much more advanced mobile internet capabilities. It can handle downloading speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps. So if you do not mind buying a bit pricier phone, then always opt for the 3.5G technology. The third most important factor is the operating system. Most phones today use the Android, Apple OS, windows or symbian operating systems. When you have internet connectivity you can unlock more than just internet browsing on your phone. You can play multiplayer games, share data files, always stay connected to your friends through Facebook and send and receive e-mails through your phones. 3G handsets with plain simple OS cannot give you such entertaining fun.

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Furthermore, even touch screen now has become important. When you have Internet browsing and stuff you want large and preferably touch screens. With large screens in your 3G Handsets you can stream and watch videos and movies through the mobile Internet on your phone. Even TV viewing feature, which most phones have, would be completely boring on a tiny 2” screen. Most phone manufacturers today like apple, HTC and Nokia keep a standard 3”-4” screen size for their best 3G phones.

By Amara, published at 02/17/2012
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