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How To Use a 3G Modem


Many people in the world lack a way of connecting to the Internet and getting free information. However nowadays there are many ways and trends that have come up making it easier to access the Internet. A 3g modem is a device that links the user to the Internet by creating certain network configurations on the user's device to match those of the Internet service provider. A 3g modem can be in different forms that is a wireless router,a router itself or even a broadband connection.

Step 1

First you should ensure that you are in a favourable position for your Internet service provider to reach you. Without the Internet service provider cannot communicate with the 3g modem thus no connection will be achieved. Secondly have a device that will be compatible with the 3g modem. You cannot be having a broadband that is in form of USB and then intend to connect it to a 3g mobile phone which cannot by any chance be having the USB port on it. These are the first tips that should be taken into consideration before intending to use a 3g  modem for Internet connection. Once these are catered for, the other stages are easy.

Step 2

Most 3g modems are in form of USB connection and therefore it becomes just a matter of plug and play. This plugging method might vary form the different internet service providers. You will find tat once you plug your 3g modem into your computer or whatever device you are using, you are prompted to install a certain software that will give the user access to all the resources and privileges that come with the 3g modem. This therefore makes it easy to communicate with the Internet service provider through text messages or USDD and get information about your current data plan or even the credits on your account.

Step 3

Make sure you are on a certain data plan with  your Internet service provider before using your 3g modem to access the Internet. You will discover that there might be offers on the data plan that will enable you to cut Internet access costs or even a certain data plan or package that will favor your life style and make life easier by increasing its quality. In fact this step can also be reviewed as you acquire or buy your 3g modem. Kindly request the seller or dealer to inform you about the data plans that complement the type of modem that you have just bought and from there you will be having a rough idea on how to service your 3g modem's data package.

Step 4

Once you have achieved all the above steps then  you have already accessed the Internet safely without any hassles. One should also look out for any way to protects your 3g modem so that unauthorised parties will not gain access to it. For instance you may find that many people are using your wireless 3g modem to access the Internet at the same time as you do and you wont have any idea as to who is having access to your modem and their exact location. It is therefore advisable to protect your 3g modem,whether wireless or USB or even the cable using a password to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access to your private information and violating your rights

Step 5

Enjoy your internet connection with minimal worries.


Never use your 3g modem if you are not sure of your data package.

By Francis Kimiri Kimani Kimiri Kimani, published at 02/17/2012
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