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What You Should Know About Wifi 3G


The technology of Wi-Fi and that of 3g are two separate standard applications that represent advancements in the world of telecommunication and the Internet. 3g technology offers internet access where there is mobile reception by the service provider. wifi 3g is the idea of combining both 3g access and Wi-Fi at the same time using a single machine.



Using wifi 3g technology finds its route of origin from the independent components as Wi-Fi and 3G. Third generation concept is said to use cellular signals to connect both to the internet and offer phone services. This is linked to the other competitive but complementary service of Wi-Fi which permits the accessibility of high speed wireless internet services. What results from the merger is a single unit with an ability to complement each other while transverse regions where one component is limited and so ensuring continued supply of service.



This wifi 3g allows for use near wireless internet hotspot and at remote areas without hotspot coverage. Third generation mobile internet wireless broadband allows for the use of laptops connected to USB modems in most cases and wifi 3g connected mobile phones. The other wifi enabled phones and laptops with a modem connected to the internet for a single complex gadget that is allowing for all the qualities. In this case access to both the Wi-Fi and 3g at the same time is possible without clashing in signals but harmonized working to come up with an n arrangement called wifi3g unit mostly on phones.

Use of mobile phone and handsets that combine both the features of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and global positioning system, GPS and GPRS is a fast approaching reality by people since it is the complex components that work together at the convenience of man in the efforts to propel advancement. This is an encouragement because the internet and communication is vital for economic advancement.

wifi 3g is prestigious because it comes with features that are conforming to state of art technology such as the fact that these phones have ability to process graphics with the aid of a 5A chip. It comes with a full package of applications of general operations of a chat, and recording of HD video. Mobile capabilities grow day to day like the Bluetooth having high penetration rate projection.

A new era of technology in the designing of wifi 3g with an internal magnet for improved airplay features supporting HDMI through an adapter. This trend is expected to even double revenue received from the wifi 3g merger appliance sales with people building even more trust in this gadget as it has an improve the switch to multicore processing with long lasting battery.

wifi 3g has some demerits that come with this genius production and these include resolution inability to contain ear buds, it does not support flush video activity and a rather inferior quality of the rare facing camera, however, despite these there is lots of comparative advantage marveled by face time video chat enabled feature, faster processing and slimmer compact design.


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This is definitely the technology to emulate and adopt as it comes with varied modifications and flexibility giving a complete coverage of needs to qualify all provisions under one roof.

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