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Steps To Take When a Laptop Ac Adapter Stops Working

Steps To Take When a Laptop Ac Adapter Stops Working

Laptops are used by many students, office goers and businessman. It has become an alternative for traditional desktop that many still uses at their home, office and business place. Laptop is not only light and portable but it is powerful as compared to traditional desktop or home computers. The power of laptop is provided by the battery which is present in the back panel of the laptop. This is where the Laptop AC adapters come into play. The power supply in your home is not appropriate for charging the battery which is present in your laptop; it must be converted into correct voltage so that the battery is charged properly. Higher voltage can have a disastrous effect on your laptop. It can be compared with the mobile charger with more power.

There may be a time when your Laptop AC adapter stops working. Below are few ways to check the working of the Laptop AC adapter.

Step 1: The laptop might not get proper electric supply due to loose connection. Check the wire and the connectors properly. The power supply to the Laptop AC is verified with the help of a LED, which is present on the front panel of the adapter. The power socket on the board from where the electricity is provided may not be working properly. You can change the socket or even check different sockets to verify it.

Step 2: Twisted cable can also be reason for the indifferent working of the Laptop AC adapter. A twisted cable is seen as a common problem. Excessive bending of wire prior to the non-functioning can also be attributed to the breakage of the internal wire. After all these steps, if you still having problem with the Laptop AC adapter then it’s time to change the adapter with an original adapter. Universal adapters are also available in the market. These adapters can take 100V to 250V and can alter the output voltage accordingly.

Step 3: Original Laptop AC adaptor is available on the manufacturer website. You can enter the details such as series, model etc to get the correct set of adaptors. Many other website also provides adapter at a discount rate.

Step 4: Laptop AC adapters vary from laptop to laptop. Different laptop needs different adapters for proper functioning. This is due to fact that the required voltage varies for different models of laptop. If you choose different adaptor for different model then your laptop can suffer some serious damages. The voltage requirement is generally given on the bottom panel of the laptop. Universal adaptor and non-universal Laptop AC adapters is the matter of personal comfort and need. A Universal adaptor has its advantage like it can be used for different laptop which a non-universal Laptop AC adapters cannot. Less voltage Laptop AC adapter will not work as it will not be able to provide appropriate amount of voltage to the laptop.

Step 5: Traveling users can also opt for European Laptop AC adaptors. European power outlets have more power output. So it is important that the right Laptop AC adaptor should be chosen which can protect the laptop from short circuit.

By AJ, published at 02/21/2012
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