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5 Best Laptops Computers

Published at 02/10/2012 00:48:32


Many buyers who purchase laptops do so without getting to know the latest and the best in the market. However, most laptops work on the same principles but they have different features and characteristics that make them among the best. Here is a list of the five top laptops computers that one can get from the shops.

5 best laptop computers

The apple MacBook Pro laptops computers sold by Apple Company. The advantage of the Apple MacBook is that any operating system can be installed from any of OS providers companies. It is compatible with much software available in the market. The laptop can also last for a period of more than six years without breaking down therefore giving good service. The price is also affordable to most new users .The price on the market ranges up to 3000 US dollar but when compared to the service it is great. They also come with a warranty of 3 year.

The HP/COMPAQ laptops computers are also good to the users. The first advantage of this laptop is that is sold by one of the best electronic company in the world, HP. The machine has high resolution screen with a possible 13 inch screen. If you are a graphic designer then this is the laptop to buy. It can also work on different software that includes photo shop. The HP/COMPAQ laptop has a large internal RAM that makes it faster when processing. It has also the capability of multi tasking i.e. using different programs and software at the same time.

The ASUS eee 4G-Galxy laptops computers are also among the best laptop computers in the market today. The machine comes with free Linux software. The Linux software is faster when it comes to operation. The hardware is well developed to give the user more time when it comes to processing and compatibility. The ASUS laptops come in different brands that one can choose from. The colors also vary.

The Pavilion dm4 laptops computers are among the sleek designs. The machine has a thin design that makes it stylish. The battery life is long as it can sustain almost seven hours of work without the need of charging the battery. For those people who want to work faster, then the Pavilion dm4 is the best as it has a 6GB internal RAM memory. It has an inbuilt web cam for videos and a powerful microphone to capture sound. It can be used for both business and entertainment purposes. Another good feature is that it lacks the blue ray optical drive.

The new HP ENVY 14 series laptops computers from the HP Company is already in the market. It has a 6GB RAM memory that is able to store more materials for back ups. This also comes with a 500 GB hard drive memory capacity. For battery life is also fair as it can last for about 6 hours. It has an Intel corei5 processor that gives the laptop high performance.


For new purchasers who wants to get the latest laptop to buy, they can choose one of the above personal laptops to check on the different features that will go well with your job. The laptop can cost highly but the services are better.

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