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How To Find the Best Pc And Laptops For Gamers

Published at 02/13/2012 12:00:33


When you do not have enough money to take the most expensive and highly rated laptop is the magazines you will have to set a budget. The second thing you should do is to establish what you want to do with him because according to your needs, you will choose the minimum configuration.

Step 1

Companies that produce laptops pc HP, Dell, Asus, Toshiba, Acer (I listed only a few) usually share their models in three categories:
• Entry/Home use
• Business
• Gaming
Each of these categories of laptops pc are optimized for the destination in the title but that does not mean that the entry or Businesses will not be used for games they will be just as good but only older games or less demanding can be played.

Step 2

Over the time we have heard from many people who do not know much about computers the following sentence; "tell me some cheap laptops pc that I can buy for the children". Unfortunately games are the most demanding programs and this means the latest high-performance components.

Step 3

If you want laptops pc just for games maybe you should think more on a PlayStation or Xbox console - is cheaper and not updated as fast as laptops pc for games. Now we need to take a look to laptops pc processors. A Celeron processor is small and suitable for laptops that are used for Internet or editing documents.

Step 4

Pentium processors have cheap versions with fewer instructions than i3/i5 processors that can be used for laptops pc. They can be used successfully for laptops used for Internet, multimedia (movies / music), office tasks (word processing / presentation / editing images - amateur level) games 3-4 years old with few pretensions - (you have to take into account the video card - see below). Processors i3, i5, i7 for laptops pc are found in two generations. The first generation is weaker than the second one with about fifteen percent.

Step 5


Approximately 2 to 8 GB. When using large applications or using multiple applications simultaneously, you need a larger memory for laptops pc. However, a much larger memory than the recommended type of processor will not provide a particularly increased speed.

Hard drive:

They vary in capacity from 250 GB and 750 GB - choice of size depends on the type of files that you will save on the laptops pc. If you only installed applications if 250 GB is enough but for most of us that have music and movies more capacity is needed. Especially HD movies have a sufficient length (an episode of 45 minutes in HD can reach up to 1.5 GB).


You can choose between 3 options:
1. Intel Integrated HD Graphics.
2. Dedicated nVidia.
3. Dedicated ATI.
The video integrated video cards with Intel HD graphics are not very reliable. They are used in applications for internet/office.The dedicated nVidia or ATI they are suitable for any application. However it takes into account the GPU power. As the models change quickly, we will not make any examples here.


In conclusion, the integrated are suitable for cheap laptops pc are used in most cases for displaying text and graphics not games, do not understand that you can not watch movies, pictures because they are capable of displaying HD video. If you want a gaming laptop or desktop the most important part will be the graphic card.