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Difference Between Notebooks And Laptops

Published at 02/11/2012 21:21:10


Those who own either a laptop or a notebook get equally the same services but there are many unique differences that can be seen both from the outside and the inside. Below are some of the differences that need to be considered.

Difference Between Notebooks And Laptops


For a laptop computers, they are mainly operated using a keyboard and a mouse that is removable. The laptop has the hardware that allows it to function well. This makes mobility an issue. A notebook laptop, however, retains the same features of a laptop but instead of a keyboard, there are touch buttons on the screen instead of the mouse to pick any item. The notebook also has a transportable battery for operation.

In terms of size, the laptops are bigger than the notebooks. The laptops have an built-in disk drive that makes it big in order to accommodate the internal components like the processors. These include the CD/DVD ROM drive. But this can be removable or inbuilt hence the size. Notebooks are small and they allow extra CD ROMS to be attached via cables thereby minimizing the size of the notebook. The laptops are also heavy because of the internal components. The notebooks laptops are lighter in weight because of the ultra portables that are fixed whenever you want to use them.

A notebook is mainly used to do jobs that are less complicated. Some of the jobs include typing that requires less memory to operate. The notebook is not installed with heavy programs like the auto cards software, the oracle systems and fox pro. For a laptop, this is a portable computer with all the necessary programs that can be used to work from anywhere. Laptops have a large memory that can incorporate heavy programs and play a number of games and are more versatile in use.

The job output for a laptop is high quality as compared to that of the notebook. A laptop has additional features that make it produce quality works. The resolutions on the screen are high for a laptop. It is big and items can be seen quite well. A notebook is small with a small screen that gives poor resolution. For sound quality, the laptop has powerful speakers that are installed inside. For the notebook, there is no space for installment of other devices and if any, they are small giving poor sound reception.

When any of the notebooks laptops part start to malfunction, they becomes difficult to repair. This is because of the small nature of the spare parts that are needed. For a laptop, the parts can easily be purchased and replaced. Modifying a laptop is easier than a notebook.

Though the laptop and a notebook can do the same type of work, the difference in price is another matter. A laptop, because of its components and complicated features will go for higher prices. On the other hand, a notebook will cost less, with the components less likely to be smaller in size and speed.


The above differences can help a new buyer in choosing the best gadget to buy. The difference will matter when it comes to the work done and the speed of processing data and other hardware that are available for connection.

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