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5 Best Laptops Notebooks

Published at 02/11/2012 21:59:18


Laptop notebooks are very common nowadays whereby they are applied in many ways by business people, students and tutors. The main issue with laptop notebooks comes when one wants to purchase one. This is due to the advancing technology whereby no one wants to be left behind. With this advancement, laptops go on having improved specifications that enhances their efficiency and reliability. Purchasing one can prove to be such a stressful task but the 5 best laptops notebooks are discussed below.

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The HP G62t laptops notebooks are the best mainstream budget notebook. With its prices being less than $600, this notebook has a 15.6 inch screen display. It has a high performance with the incorporation of a 2.13 GHz Intel processor. This is accompanied by 4GB of RAM making it much faster in loading and launching applications. Its hard drive is composed of 500GB of storage memory. Such provides enough space for hundreds of documents, music, movies and other files. The graphics are made clear with the GMA HD graphics card that comes with the G62t and has a four hour battery life.

The other best laptop notebook is the 13 inch MacBok Pro. It is highly embraced by students in colleges as it offers vibrant colors and a clear display. It comes with discounts for college students making it affordable and best for application. Its performance is enhanced with a 2.4 GHz duo-core processor that makes use of the latest Intel processors. This is accompanied by 4GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive. Its battery life is much higher, covering up to 6 hours. These specifications make the MacBook Pro achieve a great performance.

The Samsung R780 is also not left behind on the list. This notebook runs for around $799 which seem less compared to its specifications, design and the look. This offers a large 17.3 inch screen display. This allows better view of games and movies and other applications. With its integrated 4GB of RAM and a2.26 i5 core processor, its performance is much higher making it good for any student. It offers enough hard drive memory of 500GB to cater for mass storage. Its 6-cell battery life would be discouraging as it runs for 2 hours.

The ASUS Eee PC 1001p laptops notebooks are also among the top 5 best laptop notebooks. It is the best bargain in the market selling for as low as $299. It has a smudge-proof design with a fine keyboard. It displays a 10.1 inch screen that provides the right image quality. On performance, Eee 1001p is configured at 1.66 GHz Intel Atom processor running Windows 7 operating system. It is equipped with a 160GB hard drive offers an overall rate of 17.5MBps. it has a high battery life of around 8 hours.

The last among the best 5 laptops notebooks are Alienware M11x that serves as the best ultraportable laptop for class and gaming. It is a thin and light notebook with an innovative lighting. It offers an 11.6 inch screen display with a standard resolution of 1366 x 768. This display offers bright colors and clear images for movies and games. On performance, the M11x offers a 1.3 GHz duo core Intel processor with 4GB of RAM. It is also packed with a fast 500GB hard drive.


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