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How To Run Pc And Laptops

Published at 02/10/2012 07:37:07


Running PC and Laptops is similar in most cases though there are some differences with the structure of devices. Running PC and Laptops entails being convenient with some areas such as the mouse and keyboards as well as the desktop and its files.

Step 1


The overall process starts from turning on the pc laptops which is known as booting. This does not follow a complicated procedure. For PC, booting entails pressing he power buttons of both the System Unit and that of the Monitor whereby the System Unit comes first. The only difference with a laptop is that the power button is meant for the whole system.

Step 2

After powering the PC or Laptop, it boots with no intervention till the desktop appears. The operation is also part of running and the main areas one has to be convenient with include the mouse. This is the device applied for most of the time. For a PC, the mouse is usually an external device that consists of mainly three buttons, the scroll button, right and left mouse buttons. As for pc laptops, their mice are built on the surface just below the keyboard. Along with the right and left mouse buttons, they bear a touchpad surface which differentiates the laptop mouse from the PC one.

Step 3

The touchpad in pc laptops mouse is where one places their forefinger to move the mouse cursor. This is different from running PC mouse which requires moving it on the desk. The other mouse buttons are used in interacting with anything on the screen.

Step 4

For the left button of a pc laptops, it is used most of the time as it is meant to select objects on the screen. The procedure is referred to as left clicking for both PC and Pc Laptops. It is also used in dragging objects and opening files through double-clicking. The right mouse button is rarely used and its main task is revealing small menu window that bears specific options of the selected item.

Step 5

On using the keyboards of a pc laptops, they are the same for both PC and laptop. Both have the QWERTY key layout with a line of numbers at the top left and others in matrix form on the right. The keyboard is mainly used in entering data or commands to the PC and laptop. It includes other useful keys like the Enter key, the Tabs, Shift, Control and Num lock among others. These are applied for various commands on the keyboard and text on the screen of the pc laptops.

Step 6

Turning off the PC and Laptop is also a step to consider while running them. This also entails simple procedure. To achieve it, the windows button, usually at the bottom left of the screen, is employed. On clicking the button, a “turn off computer” option/button is displayed among the others. Clicking the button followed by the “turn off” button shuts the whole gadget off.


To enhance all the operations in running PC and Laptops, the operating system is installed. This is what allows people run other programs and the whole PC and Laptop as well. It also allows running different programs at a go, what is referred to as multitasking. This provides windows on the screen to enhance simple user interface on programs.

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