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How To Connect All Your Laptops To One Laptop

Published at 02/16/2012 02:03:29

Introduction to laptop connectivity

Laptops are the most important part of lifestyle today. You can see various designs of laptops are available in the market today. There are varieties of options that can one can get from the different laptop types. Some people owe more than one laptop. 

Step 1

People having more than one laptop are always confused with connecting them to each other. This is the very basic problem that needs to be sorted out is this. You must remember that for the exchange of data from one laptop to another cannot be possible as such. 

Step 2

You cannot connect the two laptops directly with one another. There are some methods that should work in different cases. You cannot ascertain the things will go rite with the use of one method. There are various situations when people cannot connect laptops laptop with the use of one method. So, you need to try the other method if one fails.

Step 3

Development of Networking

The connection of many computers to one single computer is done with the help of networking. There are various methods that are now being developed for connecting various computers to one computer. The first step in the development of networking process was done by George Stibitz in 1940. 

Step 4

He used a Teletype machine for sending the instructions for a problem set through the Model at Dartmouth College to Complex Number Calculator setup in New York. That received the results through the same method. Military Radars were also the early networking systems. 

Step 5

There were later development of the networking system and the first commercial use of network was done in 1972 using X 25. After this the development of TCP/IP was done. This was how the networking has evolved. Today we use the best networking method with several different methods. Laptops laptop connections are also set up by the use of them.

How to connect laptops to a laptop

There are numerous laptops that are now being used. People often use more than one laptop in offices and other workshops. The use of laptop in these places has made it easy for the carriage of computer with the workers. There us the requirement of getting all laptops connected to one. The laptops laptop connection can be built up by using simple procedures. The best way to connect all the laptops to one laptop is using either LAN connection or wireless networking. As most of the laptops are Wi-Fi enabled therefore the setting of wireless LAN connection is easy. You can make the one main laptop as server and all the connections can be distributed with the help of router. The other method is using simple LAN connections. The connection establishment is easier than the wireless LAN. However, the only problem that you will face is regarding lots of wire use.

Tips for Laptop Networking

The best method today used for the purpose of laptops laptop connectivity is Wireless LAN. This is fast easy and do not require any wire connections. You just need a Wi-Fi router for setting up Wireless LAN.