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Differences Between Computers And a Laptop


Many people have always wandered what is the difference between computers and laptop. There isn’t any difference because computers and laptop are the same thing and that is a computer. There are differences when it comes to performance. Computers and laptop use almost the same technologies but the biggest difference between them is that a desktop computer uses more electrical power than a laptop. For the fact that the desktop computer uses more power it’s also capable of greater performance. Usually laptops are designed to be energy efficient and so they use components that don’t require as much power.


Both computers and laptop are incredible machines that use the latest technology to make our life easier. Depending on our lifestyle we can choose between computers and laptop. If you have a job where a computer is needed then you might want a laptop because the laptop has the great advantage that it can be relocated very easy. The laptop is a computer that you can take with you at all times.

Desktop computers are more powerful and they are more reliable then most of the laptops. Because a desktop is always in the same place you can add more components to it don’t worry about the weight. Weight is very important to a laptop because nobody wants to hold a 10 kg computer in their lap. Nowadays laptops have increased performances by quite a lot. There is virtually no difference between the performance of a laptop and the performance of a desktop if both have the same components and specification. If you want to have a very good laptop with high performances you must spend a lot of money to get it. Gaming laptops are very expensive compared to a gaming desktop. Laptops where designed for office use but users weren’t happy with the low performances laptops have in games so in latest years a series of gaming laptops appeared. The only problem is that these types of laptops are very expensive. This is a huge difference between computers and laptop.


Desktop computers can have more of about everything than a laptop. Usually when developers and researchers create hardware components they design them for desktop computers at first. Because there is more space inside a desktop computer components can be bigger and more powerful. The advantage of having a desktop is that you can change easily every component from inside the case and also add new components with relative ease. When you have a laptop you can’t add new components and you can’t change other components from inside as easily.

So, there isn’t much of a difference between computers and laptop but if you want performance in a laptop you will have to pay. Computers and laptop both have their strengths. Desktops are cheaper and you can get really high performance components at lower prices then laptops. Laptops have mobility on their side and you can take them anywhere. Laptops are very good when you want to travel you can keep yourself entertained on long trips.

By Bob Meadow, published at 02/21/2012
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