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How To Connect All Your Laptops


Laptop is a personal computer having many features a mouse, a keyboard, and speakers. It has a battery which can be charged by a charger. Classification includes: desktop replacement, notebook, netbook, rugged laptop, or tablet laptop. If you have more than one laptop in your home of office, connecting all laptops becomes a requirement.

Step 1

If you want to connect all laptops then exchange of data is made possible through the use of networking systems. There are two methods, one is LAN which is easier but a lot of wires are used. Second one is WAN, in this method one laptop is made the server and the connection is distributed to others through the use of router. These days wireless LAN is used which does not require any wire connections just a Wi-Fi router is used. Although the wireless network easily connects all laptops but it is slower than LAN and also less secure.

Step 2

Routers play an important role in connecting all laptops. A router is a device used to connect your modem with laptop and provides interface between the Internet and local network. All the computers of the local network do not connect directly to the modem they connect with the router first. A wireless router connects with modem through wire. Routers are connected to the browser through an IP address and they are configured by logging.

Step 3

All laptops can also be connected to a second display device or a monitor. This is very useful in a way that instead of crowding your desktop, a second monitor is more useful. If u wants to watch a movie, play a game you can type on one and can watch it on the other. Properly connect the cable. There are two types of ports: One is VGA port with 15 pin holes. Other is DVI port with 29 pin holes. Older monitors had only VGA port while new LCD monitors has both.

Step 4

Make connection of the monitor with laptop using cables. Wait for the monitor to power on. All laptops should automatically detect the monitor. If not then press the "Display Function" key on your laptop.

Step 5

It is also possible to view all your pictures on TV from connecting all laptops. You can connect with TV either wirelessly or with wires. In the case of wires you can connect only by using any one of these AV cables: S-Video, HDMI, DVI or HDMI-to-DVI, VGA. If none of these AV cables support then you have to use a scan converter.

In case of wireless you can use Wi-Fi, since televisions do not support Wi-Fi so a unit between laptop and TV is installed called Wireless PC to TV System. Another wireless connectivity is Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) it is already built in Windows Vista and XP.

You can log on as administrator and install the software that comes with your wireless interface card. After installation restarts your laptop. Insert the card and the installation will be completed. An icon will be made. Go to privacy tab and select security type. Select configure and enter information. Then click OK. This will take enable all your laptops to connect to Internet.


This is how you connect and it is not hard at all. It requires just a little effort to connect all laptops.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/01/2012
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