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the Best Model Of 17 Laptop

Published at 02/27/2012 17:35:40


Due to technological advances, the 17-inch laptop are becoming common in the computer industry. These are the laptops with 17-inch screen display. Various laptop models embrace the technique standing as the best models in market.


The 17-inch laptop trend is a counter trend to the netbook computers. For some years, laptops have acted as desktop replacements. This is to suit the needs for mobile working people like business persons. Laptops have their associated sizes and battery lives. The battery life is what matters most in laptops. The laptops with small battery life were faced out and the netbook came into existence.

The netbook was characterized by the small screens that made them less useful. This led to the development of the large screen 17-inch laptop with a longer battery life and enhanced features. They also have higher capabilities, performance, and effectiveness in prices.

The top brands of 17-inch laptop are mostly the Windows based computers. This includes Dell computers with their Dell Studio laptops. Toshiba Satellite and HP Pavilion are other good brands with the 17-inch technology. The Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch laptop is also among the best models.


There are great distinctive features incorporated in 17-inch laptop. The Wi-Fi Finder is one feature of these laptops. They are made with a small button on the side that which finds the hot-spots without necessarily turning on the laptop. By pressing the button, one can easily find any wireless connections available in an area.

The 17-inch laptops also have touch sensitive buttons that are meant for media player. These run across the top of the keyboard and include such buttons as the PLAY, STOP, VOLUME and others. The Fingerprint reader feature is also incorporated. This allows one to log into the laptop by swiping the finger. It is easy and one can apply multiple fingerprints.

The light up keyboard is the other new feature with 17-inch laptop. This passes light to the keyboard to ease operation during the night. This light is placed behind the keyboard and one can make it either brighter or dimmer. It is also easy to control the minutes in which the white LED light will run.

The headphone output is advanced with 17-inch laptop as they are two in number. This is a new feature deviating from the normal one headphone output. This way, it is easy to share movies or music with a friend when travelling. The laptops also have their DVD trays replaced with DVD slot. The slot only requires one to slide their disc into the tray.

The other distinct feature with 17-inch laptop is the dual hard drive. This allows one to have two hard drives leading to double storage memory. The backup is one incredible feature also put in place. With this, one can easily recover their documents once the computer suffers from virus. This saves one the expenses with disc recovery alternatives.

Tips and Comments

The 17-inch laptops offer great features, designs, and style. The laptop’s specifications are advanced resulting to increased performance. It is good to purchase one and take advantage of new laptop features and the wide display. This is in addition to the high resolution and clear images making the 17-inch laptop best for watching movies, gaming and designing graphics among other tasks.