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Laptops And Notebooks- What's the Difference?


Many people are confused between Laptops and Notebooks; they don’t know the difference between them. They use the term Laptops and Notebooks interchangeably. Every person should know the difference between them. This article will clear the doubt about the difference between Laptops and Notebooks. It will not only help in purchasing new Laptops and Notebooks, but it also helps in choosing the perfect configuration for your system. Due to the advancement of the technology, the difference between the Laptops and Notebooks is shrinking very fast, but still there is huge variation between them. Lets us start by giving you five important points differentiating between the Laptops and Notebooks.

4 major Difference between Laptops and Notebooks

Point 1: Traditionally, there was a major difference between Laptops and Notebooks, but nowadays, the manufacturer uses this term with respect to the size. Notebooks are very light compared to the laptop and it can be carried into a small briefcase. Manufacturers use advanced technology so that the notebook use less graphical user interface. But, all the modern notebooks are as fast as the personal desktops. The speed of the processor, hard disk capacity, graphics card and RAM are same as desktop computers. Notebook’s battery power is powerful than that of a laptop.
Point 2: Laptops, on the other hand, are bulky and can easily be placed on someone’s lap. Laptops are larger than the notebooks, with respect to the size and weight. Many people use the term notebooks for describing laptops. It totally depends on the person what they want to call it or the manufacturer who advertise them.
Point 3: In earlier days, laptops were manufactured as a variant of a personal computer, which can easily be carried from place to place. Earlier, Laptops and Notebooks were differentiated by the configurationally differences, as the laptops were more powerful than the notebooks. Extra additional features of the laptop made them heavier than the notebooks.
Point 4: Smaller display screen, few important drivers such as CD/DVD drives, floppy drives were also not available on the notebook, and it was also one of the few main reasons of the lightness. While Laptops comes with additional features such as the CD/DVD drive, floppy drive, integrated graphics for crystal clear display. Laptops heat much faster than the notebooks; this is also a major concern for the decline of the usage of laptops. Due to the advancement of the technology in the computer market, the difference between Laptops and Notebooks is shrinking at a faster rate which no one ever imagined.

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Some of us are also thinking about replacing the laptop with the notebooks as they are fast, but notebooks are light weighted. The thin line that used to differentiate between the Laptops and Notebooks doesn’t exist anymore. Many manufacturers have even started to advertise their new laptop as the notebooks. The costs of the notebooks are generally on the higher side as it is better than laptops.

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Many websites differentiate between Laptops and Notebooks with respect to the size, configuration and other factors. But nowadays, the gap is shrinking day by day. Many shopping websites show laptops and the notebooks on the same page. Hope this clears your idea about the difference between them.

By AJ, published at 02/24/2012
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