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Laptops are carried by most, if not all, electronics stores. When you're looking to purchase a new laptop, you will have a wide variety of brands and models to choose from. Each laptop offers something a little different than the others. Electronics laptops are perfect for use at home, at school, at work, and on the go. Because they are light-weight and portable, you can bring a laptop with you nearly anywhere. Finding an electronics laptop to buy should be fairly easy once you have browsed some of your local electronics stores.


The very first laptop that was made was invented by Dr. Alan Kay in 1968. This laptop was not inteded for commercial use and was actually used by NASA. The first commercial laptop, made in 1981, was invented by Adam Osborne. This laptop weighed in at around 24 pounds and was quite expensive. Since then, laptops have come a long way, weighing less, being much more portable, and more affordable to everyone. Electronics laptops today come with the latest technology, just as built-in webcams and microphones, top of the line web design sofware, office software, plenty of storage space, and so much more. Some of the most popular laptop brands that we have come to know and trust include HP, Dell, and Apple.


Nearly any electronics retail store that you visit will carry electronics laptops. Laptops are purchased every day by people all around the world. To keep up with the high demand, these products are sold all over. Just a few electronics stores that carry laptops are Best Buy, Staples, and CompUSA.


  • Best Buy is one of the country's most popular electronics retail locations. This store carries everything from video games and movies, to laptops, desktops, and musical instruments. Best Buy is known as a one stop shop for all of your electronics needs. You can find a Best Buy location near you by visiting their website and navigating to the store locator page. Enter in your zip code to see a listing and map of locations near you. Electronics laptops are sure to be found at this store.
  • Staples is another popular electronics retailer that you can check for laptops. While their selection is not as big as Best Buy, Staples does carry several models of laptops. In addition to laptops, Staples carries office supplies and other office electronics, such as printers and fax machines.
  • CompUSA carries electronics laptops as well as the other stores mentioned above. CompUSA is known for carrying everything that is computer related. Here, you should find a wide selection of laptops. Monitors, headphones, and graphic cards are just a few examples of other items that you will find at your local CompUSA store.

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If you do not have an electronics retail store located near you, you can shop these websites online. The online websites carry nearly every brand and model of laptop that is on the market. If your store is out of the laptop that you're interested in purchasing, see if you can order it by going to their online website.

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